Best Adult Games With Sexy Comic Characters

Since there are so many adult games with sexy comic characters out there, we’ve done the work for you by narrowing down a list of our favorites. These titles offer plenty of fun and excitement without compromising on the sexual content that makes them great, whether it be through the addition of some seriously hot porn stars, or just the sheer amount of sexy artwork. Check them out below!

Batballs: The Hard Knight Rises

The sequel to Batballs offers even more erotic adventures in the world of Batgirls and superheroes. This time around players have the chance to play as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the all-star cast. Players will step into their boots and get right down to business fighting crime while exploring their sexuality.

While the game’s main appeal is its pornographic content, the gameplay is still worth checking out. In fact, this title also features a story mode which has players trying to rescue the kidnapped super heroes from villains like Lex Luthor and the Joker. It’s not quite as good as Arkham Asylum, but it does feature a few hours of solid action if you’re looking for something else to do besides having sex with sexy ladies.

The Amazing Spyderman

On the surface, this title might seem like a rather straightforward adventure game based on Spiderman. If you want to check it out for yourself, you’ll find this game and more at MySexGamer, a platform with 100s of adult games.

However, things quickly become anything but when players discover exactly what’s going on. This isn’t the friendly neighborhood webhead you grew up with. There’s a lot more sex.

In fact, there’s so much sex that it becomes a bit difficult to follow along with the plot. That said, the game is still lots of fun and should give you a few laughs as well as some sexy thrills – Source.

Players get to play as Peter Parker and take control of his alter ego, Spiderman. They’ll get to make their way through a variety of different environments, including New York City, Washington D.C., and even outer space. The game also includes a full story mode, allowing you to progress through levels while enjoying some sex along the way.

When the player finally gets to the end of the game, they’ll realize that this was no ordinary adventure game. Instead, it’s a massive satire of every single superhero movie ever made. The entire thing is presented as a mockumentary, complete with talking heads and reenactments. It’s a lot of fun to watch, especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

Hentai Heroes

Unlike most other games on this list, Hentai Heroes doesn’t focus entirely on adult content. Sure, there’s plenty of it here, but it’s mostly used to help tell a compelling story. Players assume control of a group of heroes who need to save the world from an evil organization called “The Evil League of Evil.”

In order to do so, players will have to battle through multiple dungeons while meeting up with various famous heroes and villains along the way. The battles become very difficult at times, and the only way to survive is by using your special abilities. Most of these include the ability to transform into certain characters, like Spider-Man or Batman.

This game also features a surprisingly deep character customization system. Players can choose from numerous costumes and outfits, and they’ll even get to create their own. Once they’ve finished customizing their hero, they can then share their creation online to see how others have done with theirs. If you want to get a good look at these creations, just head over to the official website where players can upload their creations for everyone to enjoy.

Are these games worth it?

Of course, one of the biggest questions people have about porn games like these is whether they’re actually any good. While it’s impossible to say for sure, there are definitely some interesting aspects that make them worth checking out.

First off, the variety is incredible. Unlike most other genres, there really aren’t any boundaries when it comes to adult games. You can pretty much make whatever type of game you want, which means that there are tons of options available to you.

There are also plenty of different mechanics as well. One of the best things about these kinds of games is that they don’t rely on the standard FPS controls. Instead, developers tend to try out new stuff, adding RPG elements and making the whole experience feel more immersive.

Finally, there’s the fact that all of this content is 100% free. Sure, paying for porn is always an option, but it’s nice to have something to play for free. There are also a bunch of cool mods that you can download if you want to spice things up further.

We hope you have fun playing these games as much as we did!