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The Comics I Read Last Week: February 9-16

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Self-promotion: “Randall Kenan Beyond the Final Frontier” in new SLJ

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The Comics I Read Last Week: Feb 3-8. Including Palookaville, The Other Side, and some Daredevils from 1988

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Yet another installment of my 2011 comics reading journal . . .

Last Week in Comics: January 27-February 2

faked by Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Ahoy friends! This installment of my rambling roundup of the week’s reading is a little more scattered than usual, both because I have a sick girl here at home and because I read a whole bunch of comics this week. Not only was it a heavy week for all the mainstream Marvel/DC titles I buy, but I also attended Wizard World New Orleans and binged on the discount boxes, filling my bag with beat-up 70s and 80s comics and recent titles that I was curious about but didn’t want to shell out $4.00 for when they were new. I have actually never been to a comic book convention before, so have nothing to compare this one to, but I had a great time: it was very generous of pal Victor Gischler to let me hang out with him and crash in his room, and we ended up having drinks with James “Spike” Marsters, so, you know, it seemed like a pretty good con experience. OK, onward:

I Read These Comics Last Week: January 20-26

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Another week of hastily sketched thoughts on funnybooks new and old . . .

I Read These Comics This Week: January 13-19

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First things first: Did you know you can follow me on Twitter now? You can! Follow bwcostello for all your, you know, whatever it is you get from Twitter. Now, on to the comics!

At least it’s not the Patriots

faked by Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

In which Gilbert Hernandez helps me understand my scorn for New England (the football team).

Infantile Gestures and Indescribable Highs

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Brubaker and Phillips, Steve Canyon, and an obligatory Chaykin reference

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Watchmen, Print Culture, and the Mainstream

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