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On Glory, the Wonders of Life, Aretha Louise Franklin, the Transcendence of Hope, and American Rocketry.

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Magazine Street Pay Phone, New Orleans, 2008.

There is a time of day on Magazine Street in New Orleans during the winter when the sun shines just so, and it gleams through a bit of cut steel and it draws on a wall the image of a telephone, of a little piece of metal and plastic we use to touch each other when we’re too far away to holler. The phone only lasts for ten minutes, at best—barely long enough to notice, to try and stream some of that light through a little hole and by doing so mash some chemicals down on sticky paper so you can remember.


The Failures of Fox amidst the Triumph of Florida.

faked by Friday, January 9th, 2009

As a hardcore Bama fan, I cheered for the Tebow Child and Percy Harvin—plus those other guys—against the now Quad-Cursed Stoops Brigade. After the Sugar Bowl, I knew the Tebow was the real deal, a brush-cut QB/halfback straight out of a 1950’s football flick, complete with quaint (and real) honesty and devotion to his team.


Give Thanks (There Has Never Been Anything False about Hope).

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“But in the unlikely story that is America . . . .”

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I need you to vote today. I’m in Florida, hitting my fifth night on the fold-out sofa of a great friend. Tomorrow I’ll put on a blue hat that says VOTING RIGHTS ATTORNEY and take my place at 6:45 a.m. at a precinct in Gadsden County.


Three Things

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1. Vote Obama.
2. Always remember and vow to change. See no. 1.

Sure, it could have been worse. But I’m still going to whine about it.

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Brief Thoughts on Final Crisis #2, Kingdom Come, and Tradition; plus even briefer thoughts on Iron Fist, Young Avengers, Captain America, and Thunderbolts

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Incognegro: The Pretty Fakes Review

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Flashes: Iron Man, Politics

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