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Two Faces Have I.

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7 Songs Shaping the Summer

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So generally Prof. Fury and I like to sit around and watch Bruce Springsteen videos and discuss how terrible they are—”Streets of Philadelphia” being a notable aberration. So when “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” done got videoed, I watched with great interest. For about a minute, until I saw way too many “I got my git-tar strapped on” shots, a Jesus Christ pose, and this:


Verdict: Perfume advertisement crafted circa 1996. Also: student work.


Flashes and Cables: Springsteen in Oslo, Art in The Order, and “The Sign” in your heart forever

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I was experimenting with calling these short little roundup posts “Chunks,” but that seemed to connote “blowing chunks,” which is gross and not exactly the image I want to promote, even when it’s fairly accurate, given the partly digested nature of the thoughts here. So, I’m playing with the Centro-Matic inspired “Flashes and Cables” now. Anyway! Here at semester’s end, I am only thinking in staccato bursts. To wit(less):

“Gypsy Biker” is the Favorite Song of Professor Fury. OF ALL TIME.

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So for a while now the Professor and me have been saying things like “’Gypsy Biker’ is your favorite song” to each other, because we’ve been dreading what it might sound like (“Probable line fragment: ‘chasing that caravan through the night‘”). PrettyFaker KD defended the song, saying it was “actually the best song on the album and, to these ears, the best thing he’s done in more than twenty years.”


“Last Son . . . is my friend.” (09.01.07).

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So I’m watching the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon, which features amazing character design and a deep sense of friendship and myth. Braniac-5 is near death—and Superboy, powerless under the red sun of Zuun, is still battling to save him. Brainy then mutters “Last Son . . . is my friend.”



Musical Notes: John Vanderslice, Okkervil River, Springsteen

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Two Reviews: a record, a comic — and a late-breaking Springsteen update!

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