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Midnight Rambler

faked by Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

So you know how Contessa and I had a baby a month ago? And you’re all like, “What, can he not get his stuff together well enough to teach his classes, raise his daughter, and tell us whether or not we should be buying Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers?”

But see, here’s a good example of my mental state: I got up to check the baby’s diaper last night. This should be automatic by now. Yet here were the steps I followed at approximately 2:30 am:

1. Go to the kitchen.
2. Get a bowl filled with leftover cereal milk from the sink.
3. Take down a stack of coffee filters.
4. Carry these items through the house with great purpose.
5. When called on my apparent insanity by Contessa, huffily go back to the kitchen.
6. Return with ONE coffee filter, carried with same amount of purpose.
7. Place it on coffee table, go to sleep on couch.

So, in conclusion, Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers features a promisingly rag-tag group of Avengers but can’t quite overcome the jarring tonal discordances of the script: Is it a psychologically probing rehabilitation of Hank Pym’s character? Is it lighthearted quippy-fun adventure? It can in fact be both of these things at once, but it is not yet, at least not successfully. If you want me to take your spin on Hank Pym’s character seriously, you should probably refrain from gags where it looks like he’s having sex with a robot. Just for instance. Maybe it will gel down the road.

(Also, since when did Hank Pym need rehabilitating anyway? Didn’t he get pretty thoroughly redeemed in a gradual years-long process that began with the “Lost in Space-Time” arc in West Coast Avengers and culminated with his being back with Jan again? I’m okay with ignoring these decades old stories, but let’s ignore them in the service of doing something new, for pete’s sake.)