faked by Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

LPs + EPs from 2013 which were jammed into my heart // head

1. Haim, Days Are Gone
Perfect pop from a perfect future

2. The National, Trouble Will Find Me
Perfect pop from a brokenhearted future

3. deafheaven, Sunbather
Shimmering metal from an alternate universe

4. A Pregnant Light, Domination Harmony
Shimmering purple metal from our universe

5. The Unwed Teenage Mothers, Forever Until You Are Bones EP
Perfect garage pop // this is in my veins

6. High Spirits, 2013
Pop metal masterpiece // #1 Record in a world where grunge never happened

7. Ash Borer, Bloodlands

8. Botanist, IV: Mandragora

9. Grayceon, Pearl and the End of Days
Progressive Chamber Doom

Essential compilation of black metal // cassette only // reaching from the punk dregs to the stratospheric apex

Songs from 2013 which got under my skin in one way or another

1. CHVRCHES, “We Sink”
2. deafheaven, “Dream House”
3. HAIM, “Don’t Save Me”
4. The National, “Pink Rabbits,”
5. The Unwed Teenage Mothers, “Forever Until You Are Bones”
6. High Spirits, “If I’m Gone”
7. A Pregnant Light, “Heat Helps These Flowers Grow”
8. Chelsea Wolfe, “We Hit a Wall”

Non-2013 Releases That Ricocheted

1. Bathory, Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1987)
2. Carcass, Heartwork (1993)
3. Darkthrone – catalog
4. Death Angel, The Ultra-Violence (1987)
5. Demolition Hammer, Epidemic of Violence (1992)
6. Dokken, Under Lock & Key (1985)
7. Death, Spiritual Healing (1989)
8. George Harrison, All Things Must Pass (1970)
9. Guns N’ Roses – catalog
10. Hot New Mexicans, Wah! (2007)
11. Nachtmystium – catalog
12. Pantopticon – catalog
13. A Pregnant Light – catalog
14. Profound Lore – label catalog
15. Rhinocervs – label catalog
16. Rush – catalog
17. Slayer – catalog
18. Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak (1976)
19. Paul McCartney, RAM (1971)
20. Pantera – catalog
21. Trist / Lonesummer, split (2012)
22. Venom – catalog
23. Vektor – catalog
24. W.A.S.P. – catalog
25. YES, Close to the Edge (1972)
26. V/A – Late Late Party (Packy Axton) (2011)

One Response to “MUSICAL GLORIES OF 2013”

  1. G E Light says:

    Saw this on Facebook. You’re staying more in touch with current stuff than I am. But I do commend to you the Minneapolis trio BNLX. My own list of albums (new and reissues) and songs will appear online in Perfect Sound Forever in January. Somehow the 3 disc Harrison thing never really clicked with me, not even the Spector-stolen hit single. One other back catalog that might be worth your persual based on the above,Triumph (seriously!). You should also revisit Yes, Fragile. Best.