faked by Friday, February 24th, 2012

Hey Leonard Cohen
You look good in the picture frame
up on the wall
in this cold tile bathroom.

Don’t think me rude, you’re in
good company—Tattoo You & a
velvet King. I used to have a
photo of Roy’s but the shower’d
wrinkle it in the summertime.
Now it’s always wrinkled.

Nice chinos, Leonard Cohen, you
don’t know it but you’d blend on
the Square after the LSU game,
even with that crewcut.
(We’ll say you did it
on a dare).

I didn’t banish you here for spite &
it’s not that I don’t wanna hear
you live from ’72 (in Brussels,
London, Paris, Berlin, Isle of
Wight, and ‘Room in Tennessee’)
it’s that the sleeve didn’t have
the damned LP when I picked it up
at the Salvation Army.

It’s done me enough good over the years,
holding down the wall by
the towel rack, you smoking that
ragged cigarillo. Won me $26 in a midnight
bet at a Living Better Electrically show
at Martin’s, because damn right you had
Charlie Daniels playing fiddle in yr band in
1972, in Brussels, in London,
and in Paris, too.

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