faked by Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Jackson-based FURROWS released their second LP last week, and to celebrate, the mighty HISS LAB released a cassingle in their honor. It contained two songs not on the record—lovely re-recordings of “Anesthesia” and “Bridgeburner.”

KC Williams hand-sewed the slipcover for each cassette, and each label was hand-typed by yours truly. Each of the limited edition cassettes also came with an insert talking about the band and where you could download the songs. Oh yeah, it was on one of my Polaroids.

You can check out the Furrows at their Bandcamp page or order their new record at Elegant Trainwreck. Hiss Lab cassettes are $5—for two great songs & two great pieces of art! Snag one at the next FURROWS show.

Out of the limited edition of 30, here’s the first ten, along with examples of what the total package looked like.

All photos are Polaroid 600 film except for the ones which are 669 through a 420 Land Camera, you can totally tell those apart.


  1. These are rad. Bring me some o’ these tapes! I will exchange money for them.

  2. Jay says:

    that’s my crotch!

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