Don Harington Alert

faked by Monday, June 1st, 2009

Don Harington, the great novelist, is in the hospital with pneumonia and a broken hip. If you’ve read his novels and admired them (and I frankly do not see how you could read them and not admire them), you might wish to send him a note at kimharington at Kim is his wife and will deliver the messages. If you don’t know what to say, put yourself in his place: You suffer from diabetes, in the last ten years you’ve had throat cancer, a broken ankle from a disastrous auto accident, a broken hip, pneumonia twice, you can’t eat or drink (because of the throat surgery), but have to take glucerna several times a day, and although you are one of the most brilliant and beautiful writers this country has ever had, all your life you have been routinely neglected in favor of fakes, frauds, wannabes, also-rans, incompetents, and suck-ups.

Not that you have to address all of that. Hell, one line will do. Just tell the man what his writing means to you. Just say something, anything.

This culture is so obsessed with the new that we neglect the true achievers. Harington’s not just some factory process to produce stories. He’s a human, and right now a human in pretty serious trouble. He could use a bit of encouragement.

11 Responses to “Don Harington Alert”

  1. Jack Butler says:

    I forgot to say he’s 71.

  2. I’m sending DH a note tonight—a big fan of his work and wish it were more widely known.

  3. d-ashes says:

    I’ve only read ‘With’ but was extremely impressed by it. Will drop a note as well. Thanks for the heads up, JB.

  4. brd says:

    Any news on this topic?

  5. Jack Butler says:

    Last I heard, Kim said Don’s pneumonia had improved, but they still haven’t got him well enough for surgery, and the sedatives and painkillers keep him knocked out all the time. Kim’s the one on the ground, and I think she’s having a pretty hard time, being the main caretaker and decision-maker.

  6. Jack Butler says:

    What’s with these damn commercial enterprises doing pingbacks on our posts? Is there any way to get rid of them? Of all the inhuman idiot approaches to marketing conceivable, this must be one of the most idiotic. Do they really think I would use them when they clearly know dip about my subject and care even less?

  7. gorjus says:

    Jack, that’s my fault for not being a bit more active patrolling the spam. But yeah—I have always thought the same thing. Who actually even wanders the link from a spambot?

  8. Jack Butler says:

    Dear Gorjus—Didn’t mean to sound fingerpointing. Was actually hoping one of the human robots responsible might read it and think twice, which is about like hoping a coin lands on its edge, I know.

  9. Beverly McCay says:

    Do you have an update on Don Harington? I haven’t heard from Kim since June 22 – Day 26 of his hospitalization.

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  11. [...] admirers. He’s frail but reasonably alert. He could linger or go suddenly. Write him c/o Kim at the address I listed originally. Don’s email address is also usable, and I will publish it here soon as I [...]