That bitter slap of licorice at the back of yr throat

faked by Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

There’s theree more of these recipes; this story—although filtered through the narrator of the fourth Sandusky Review—is true, and happened to me a few months ago (we assured her it was for the purposes of research and also rye whiskey). Pierre Maspero’s sometimes gets a bad rap, situated as it is by the well-regarded Napoleon House, but I tend to like the places right next door better anyway.

I always know that I’m done with one Sandusky when I’ve officially started work on a different one (which signals both completion and boredom). So I need to finish some cutting & pasting and maybe it will be done this weekend.

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One Response to “That bitter slap of licorice at the back of yr throat”

  1. herman rarebell says:

    wasn’t the sazerac recently named official drink of new orleans, if not louisiana? it is the official drink of me.