Black Diamond + Ephemera.

faked by Thursday, July 10th, 2008

The latest Sandusky Review is about a mother and a daughter, both of whom have a history in pop music—the mother, in a fifties revival act called the B-Cups; the daughter, in a succession of metal and punk bands, beginning with Black Diamond. So I needed some fliers to go with that fictional history.

Black Diamond live at Frankie's, all ages, &tc.

This is done 100% in the flier-style I used to create dozens of bits of papers for dozens of bands for about fifteen years now. I always love that dialectic/fistfight between nature and technology. Also, DUDE, OCTOPI FIGHTING COMMODORE 64.

In these days of Photoshop, there’s also something really satisfying about finding a great octopus drawing and cutting it out with ye olde scissors and slapping it onto a Commodre photograph.

Recently Mix + Alec Eiffel wandered deep into “Jawja” for a show of truly legendary proportions. Yes, I’m talking about R.E.M. + Modest Mouse + the National. They sent along the setlist:

1. These Days
2. Living Well Is the Best Revenge
3. So Fast, So Numb
4. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
5. Time After Time
6. Driver 8
7. Man-Sized Wreath
8. Walk Unafraid
9. Hollow Man
10. Ignoreland
11. Houston
12. Electrolite
13. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville
14. Auctioneer
15. Harborcoat
16. The One I Love
17. I’ve Been High
18. Let Me In
19. Bad Day
20. Horse To Water
21. Orange Crush
22. I’m Gonna DJ
23. Supernatural Superserious
24. Losing My Religion
25. Pretty Persuasion
26. Nightswimming
27. Fall On Me (w/ Johnny Marr)
28. Man On The Moon (w/ Johnny Marr)

Whoa. That’s about as complete as it could be. And Mr. Stipe himself was pushing that the crowd purchase a tee-shirt the National were selling, emblazoned by one of their best songs, “Mr. November”:


Yeah. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

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  1. Pinky says:

    I have something for you for the B-Cups I’ll send it today!! AWESOMENESS REIGNS SUPREME