Black Creek Adventure.

faked by Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Sunday Jerri + Roy and I wandered down south of Hattiesburg to the Black Creek Canoe Rental in Brooklyn, Mississippi. For a few bones we rented a great big canoe and a quick little kayak and eased down the creek for the better part of the day. Maybe my favorite part was rounding a bend in the creek and seeing a great big party, with folks hollering at their friends to jump off a ten-foot-high rock embankment into a deep patch.

I’m digging that Dry Bread song Prof. Fury slung at us yesterday. I was trying to think of a decent riposte to that and his Dean Martin-Otis Redding-Paul Westerberg bizarro hat trick, but his rock-fu is strong. However, I know his kryptonitesque secret weakness: lo-fi.

Therefore: Times New Viking – DROP OUT!

This will bring him to his knees.

Oh, I know the cycle of denial—”well, this is okay, but is that really a chorus? And if I want lo-fi, I’ll go listen to Bee Thousand,” and then alla sudden he’ll be all WHOA! WHOA! And throwing away his suits and ties.

2 Responses to “Black Creek Adventure.”

  1. d-ashes says:

    ProFury was firing on all cylinders with his pool-lounge mix the other night. You better come strong if you’re going to test his skillz.

    And speaking of kryptonite, I finally found one drink that Lester won’t sneak over to the pool side and sneak a few swigs of. The secret ingredient: lots of gin.

  2. I might really dig that song. I definitely dig the velcro-closure border around the images up there! The word “Eisneresque” comes to mind. (Too bad “Eisneresque” is going to mean “ass-awful” once Frank Miller’s film of The Spirit comes out—so enjoy it while you can.)