faked by Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

I did this cartoon a few weekends back after trying to head over to Utica to do some research for the last Sandusky Review. If you’re wondering if it’s kind of pathetic if I can’t remember how to get to a town a half hour from my house, welcome to the club. While Bolton has a great bridge, it also has a very enthusiastic police force who were, completely randomly for a Sunday, roadblocking it up.

So, to recap: spent an hour driving to the wrong place, glovebox is broken, knuckles are cut, must now retrieve identification from the glovebox, knuckles re-cut, ARRGH RESEARCH FAIL. Finally did get the photos I needed, but it took me a few more weekends.

My sketchbooks are chock full of this kind of hijinx. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

4 Responses to “ARRRRRGH UTICA”

  1. It’s a good thing! And we should see more of them!

    How do you cut yourself on a glovebox, though, exactly?

    If you were near both Bolton and Utica, well then sir, you were in the domain of REBUL Academy—serving the towns of Raymond, Edwards, Bolton, Utica, and Learned. Their mascot was (is?) the Raiders. I guess the REBUL Rebels would have been a bit much even for a seg academy.

    It’s good that you made it out.

  2. gorjus says:

    It’s, uh, sort of jammed shut, but there’s a little bit of space—just enough so that you think you can get something out and then rip all the skin off yr knucks. Charming!

  3. d-ashes says:

    Next time you’ve just GOT to get to Utica take 55 south to Hwy 27 and just turn west there, it shoots you straight into town. It’s an incredibly pretty drive, in one of the highest regions in MS. One of my favorites for Sunday afternoon lazy summer riding.

  4. brd says:

    Good thing, definitely.