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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

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Brief Thoughts on Final Crisis #2, Kingdom Come, and Tradition; plus even briefer thoughts on Iron Fist, Young Avengers, Captain America, and Thunderbolts

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Listen, did you even care last time when I told you No Age was a critical darling who was ‘taking America by storm,’ or when I said they were playing 121 Millsaps in Jackson, Mississippi next Wednesday sponsored by the legendary HISS LAB crew??

Jaime Hernandez, The Education of Hopey Glass: The PrettyFakes Review

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It’s ROM Collins Day

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The Lonely Chair

Polaroid 420 with 669 film, Jackson, Mississippi, June 22, 2008.


Silver Jews — Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

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NO AGE – 121 Millsaps, July 2, 2008.

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Already-legendary L.A. noise-punk outfit NO AGE is touring behind their critically-acclaimed second album, Nouns, out on Sub-Pop. “But gorjus,” you might say, “what does ‘critically-acclaimed’ really mean in these days of blogs and post-irony—” “Shush, shush, my sweet,” I say. “It means a 9.2 on Pitchfork, suckas.”

Kevin Huizenga, Curses: The Pretty Fakes Review With Bonus MP3 action!

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The Pretty Fakes Review: Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician

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