Sandusky Review 3: John Tindime.

faked by Monday, April 14th, 2008

Here’s another panel from the forthcoming Sandusky Review. The caption will read The Sheriff of Washington County in those days John Tindime. He wore two elaborate Colts, slung low on his hips, and tended to speak only to his emerald-eyed wife and son.

Yeah, it’s that Tindime. I figured LaSalle wasn’t using him very well, so I might as well. Just about got the thing written by now, but I’ve been wrestling with it long enough.

Previous peeks:
And in the summer of 1935 something evil walked the fields of the Delta.”
Then one July night the son of John Tindime didn’t come for dinner when his mama called.”
Sandusky Review 2 (oh, won’t you buy one today?).

Update: download it here.

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6 Responses to “Sandusky Review 3: John Tindime.”

  1. lula says:

    I love it. I love it. I cannot wait!

  2. That wedding picture is the raddest, yo.

  3. Pinky says:

    I’m impressed with the gun detail. When is the release date for SR3? I don’t remember.

  4. brd says:

    You must give us a run down on your process here. What kind of ink are you using? How are you doing this fabulous etching?

  5. gorjus says:

    It’s a tried and true method called scratchboard. I use a commercial product called Ampersand Scratchbord, which is very stable, and doesn’t chip too much. It’s a white board coated with a thick, but scrape-able, black ink. I’ll draw the image out first in pencil (I probably should do a charcoal transfer, because it cleans up easier, but it’s too much trouble for me) and then scrape away using a variety of tools.

  6. brd says:

    So you don’t have to prepare the paper yourself. That is great. Is it board like posterboard? I have had a long fascination with the woodcuts/illustrations of Gustav Dore. This strikes me as similar to this. Have you tried stencil art yet?