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Sandusky 3: Preview Deux.

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“My boyfriend and his secret army are gonna kill you now”: Comics Reviews for 3/19

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Sandusky Review 3: Preview.

faked by Thursday, March 20th, 2008

The latest Sandusky Review has been in the works for a few weeks now. I was really proud of the last issue, but if there’s a jarring disconnect from the Jitney 14-based illustrations and the story (even though it takes place in and around the Fortification legend). So I decided I was going to make a more properly illustrated story.


The Illumination of Elijah Lee Roswell — excerpted!

faked by Friday, March 14th, 2008

Jack Butler fans! Recall that in the recently published Mississippi Quarterly interview, the author and PF contributor told us a bit about his work-in-progress:

Jack Butler: Not only do I plan to return to Mississippi in my fiction, but I am returning to it now, in a novel in progress, The Illumination of Elijah Lee Roswell. About a Mississippi sharecropper’s son turned bank robber in the fifties. He happens to share my home town, Alligator. Gets taken up in a flying saucer, sort of, and finds god, sort of. Not your usual Southern fiction?


How ¡Los Buddies! Broke My Libido.

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Photo by the Flavorflanks.

Friends, let’s talk about the real rock and roll. Sometimes I have friends coming through town, and they ask, “who is the house band of Jackson? Who is the band that makes the kids grind it down at the prom? And, Where is the place of the Jager?”


Obama in Mississippi: All Records Shattered.

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Photo by Roy Adkins.

Let me apologize for the brief departure from our normal fare, but the changes that our state underwent last night are dramatic. The numbers from last night are nothing but amazing in terms of the regeneration of the state Democratic Party.


Good News for People Who Like Bloody Knuckles

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Hey everybody! Do you love the novels of Victor Gischler, including the great Pistol Poets and the destined-to-be-a-classic Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse? Do you also love comic books? Well then! Have we got a treat for you! (more…)

You know you’ve missed them: Comics Reviews!

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Mayflower Cafe, Jackson, Miss.

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I can’t eat nary a darn thing at the Mayflower—lots meat and fish, there—but I can love these amazingly wonderful and chunky art deco letters over their alley-entrance on Roach Street.

“I Am Hope.”

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An insightful political twist on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman no. 4, in the Preludes and Nocturnes book:


h/t Prog. Ruin.