I Am An Orphan But Ain’t We All

faked by Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I wish I could claim this one but Lula took it, a Polaroid 420 panorama down in the south of Jackson.

True or False: In taking photos of this open field, were we approached by a representative of Homeland Security? Why, yes, we were. To his credit, he was both kind and knowledgeable about Jackson Civil War history, something I’m more than a little interested in. And the old Mississippi Power & Light substation could be considered a “mark” by Al Qaeda, if they had any particular interest in really mucking up Jackson for a few hours.

Got some great Polaroids from Spanish Town that I can’t wait to post tomorrow. Finally getting a bit of the hang of this camera, although it’s certainly not an exact science. So Happy Super Fat Tuesday! And hat tip to Cud’n Isbell for the title.

OH, and if you’re a fan of punk rock, flier art, the D.C. scene, Minor Threat, or just cool things in general, you must check out Jeff Nelson’s ongoing eBay auctions. There is some amazing work in there, including lettering by Chris Bald and legendary art from Raymond Pettibon.

I admit to snagging a couple of them for an upcoming project that I’m really excited about. Long story short, it involves a few dozen fliers, six or seven artists, Starkville punk rock, and an extremely kind gallery owner. More on this as it develops.

5 Responses to “I Am An Orphan But Ain’t We All”

  1. hud says:

    Why were you approached by someone from Homeland Security?

    I was once told to put my camera away by the folks from Homeland Security in Charleston, SC. I was trying to take a picture of old, ramshackle building with a tin roof, which happened to be sitting right in front of the port, which had a ship at dock, which is why the homeland security dudes ran me off.

    But what was he protecting? Or aren’t you allowed to talk about it?

  2. Man, nice work, Lula. The rust on that gate logo is really amazing. Can’t wait to see the shots from Spanish Town!

  3. gorjus says:

    Oops, Hud, I posted this too fast and then clarified it. Obviously there’s just an open field, but I really did like the fellow we talked to, and didn’t want to make fun of him. So, for context, it’s a substation (a big one), and that’s the reason there’s the MPL+lightning bolt logo, too.

  4. lula says:

    This was a great day. I’ll never forget you & the rep from Homeland Security swapping stories of Civil War Jax.

  5. brd says:

    For some reason these pictures and your story remind me of a chapter in a Walker Percy book