faked by Monday, January 21st, 2008

So generally Prof. Fury and I like to sit around and watch Bruce Springsteen videos and discuss how terrible they are—”Streets of Philadelphia” being a notable aberration. So when “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” done got videoed, I watched with great interest. For about a minute, until I saw way too many “I got my git-tar strapped on” shots, a Jesus Christ pose, and this:


Verdict: Perfume advertisement crafted circa 1996. Also: student work.

At least the E-Street Band got a lot of face time! Please judge for yourself.

One Response to “Oh-for-thirtyseven.”

  1. Julie H. Christie. Someone really needs to stage an intervention for Bruce. His rock n roll soul is of the pre-video era, which is why we love him and all, but so then maybe he could just avoid making videos. Or just string together a bunch of concert footage for every one. And while it would in theory be nice to see more of the E Streeters, there’s always the chance that we could get this. Check out those sweaters! Impressive.