Splasssssh! (Modern Letter Project).

faked by Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Wait, now I’m sending complete strangers photographs of cleaning products? Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Listen: It was all a stunt so I could talk about Spanish Town parades and Professor Fury’s great old modern house and, yes, apparently that’s all I talk about, ever. And I used cool stationary! That should count for something, right? Not to mention that the cold February morning light streaming in the Professor’s porch windows is beautiful; this was from the month or two I was really into that quiet, lonely light.

And yes, I just sent my June letter. On July 2. OH, THE SHAMES!! But listen: I haven’t shown you the amazing screenprinted bit of cotton I received from Nashville, with a lock and a key and the words FREE stamped upon. Couple this with an ancient, crumbling photograph of a building in turn-of-the-century Dublin and I will swoon.

Swoon like I did all weekend. It started around dawn on Saturday drinking flat champagne and ended at three in the morning after watching a Blue Mountain reunion show where they almost burned the place down. There’s not much else I could ask for in there, and it was scored to “Outfit” by the Drive-By Truckers, my new favorite song by a damn mile.

The Sandusky Review is burbling along quite fine and for those of you who’ve cajoled, jostled, called and just plain threatened, it’s on the way. The little essays ballooned quickly and instead of the six I planned there will likely be four—”False Metal,” “1200 Baud,” “Chevrolet Truths,” and “Swithblade Saturday.” Thanks for all the support.

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6 Responses to “Splasssssh! (Modern Letter Project).”

  1. OK, you did not start “around dawn on Saturday.” I received drunken e-mails from you starting around 4:45 on Friday. ‘fess up!

    Sadly, w/ four animals in the house, that bottle of antibacterial spray comes in handy most all the time.

  2. mavis says:

    I also sent my letter just today. In my own defense, I didn’t get a letter last month, and the girl I wrote hasn’t written me back, and I haven’t gotten this month’s letter yet. And since last month was my first month, that means I haven’t gotten a letter at all yet. (tear.)

  3. Lucy says:

    I was excited by the titles of the two essays you’re no longer including! Ah, well. I wanta MLP letter as cool as this. So far mine have been meh.

  4. beth says:

    Is it too late to request a copy?

  5. d-ashes says:

    “Outfit” is one helluva tune. I’m coming into Jaxxon on Fri night and you g*d-damn better well be there. Maybe you can accompany me on a tour of Light+Glass on Saturday?

  6. mavis says:

    Mr. A+W is coming into Jaxxon? Of course he is. And of course I’ll be out of town. Casey will be here next weekend, d-ashes. You should come up then, and we’ll have a hip.spit reunion.