faked by Thursday, June 28th, 2007

You can totally tell from this food diary entry that I work in a standard top to bottom, left to right format, as there’s a big blank spot over the fork, and the fork and the rice are terribly drawn because I’ve gotten bored after lavishing attention on the logos to the top and left and that yummy spring roll.

Also, I know: the rice looks like maggots. Have you ever tried to draw rice? Jeez.

6 Responses to “Dinner+.”

  1. Pinky says:

    The rice does not look like maggots, but thanks for ruining white rice for me. Forever.


  2. The “egg” logo delights me. And I don’t find the rice especially maggoty, either. And in fairness to Roy, it was probably a Scrubs he’d seen already. Let the man sleep! He works hard.

  3. mavis says:

    The rice doesn’t look maggoty, but I don’t like it anyway because rice is for losers. You people with your fried rice and your rice beers—you have no consideration for those of us with rice antigen prejudices. By which I mean that I am allergic, and jealous of your rice eating abilities.

    Hey, Gorj—that’s a purty picture.

  4. Roy says:

    falling asleep like a baby is my trademark move, especially with a full belly . . .

  5. brd says:

    What I like is the pluralization of “rices” and that, wow, you guys have done some nice posts.

  6. Sally says: