Murmur (Baton Rouge, La.).

faked by Monday, May 7th, 2007

This photograph is of the studio of the poet and artist Laura Mullen, taken during Spanish Town.
The Prettyfakes review of Murmur.
(Southerners, who feel everything, intensely).

These are the songs I’ve listened to way too much over the weekend (in chronological order of release):

  • Cajun Dance Party, “The Next Untouchable.”
    That twirling, twanging riff sticks all up in my head, and is a nice counterpart to the very British vocals. At nearly five minutes it drags on but hell, these kids are like seventeen, and when was the last time you heard guitar work-outs like that on a rock record?
  • Murder Beach, “White Sunshine.”
    An indie rock anthem for America that gallops along at a breakneck pace. The piano bit at the beginning seems slightly out-of-tune and sets you up in this awesome off-kilter manner and then it’s like you’re hurtling along and I guess I said “galloping” before and so (if I weren’t scared of horses) it would probably be like falling out of the saddle. There’s a reckless, breathless feel to this song that makes me laugh and dance and reminds me, like a cousin, to the New Pornographer’s “Letter to an Occupant.” “Is that good?” YES! I think I have a crush on this whole band. Also, their website.
  • Black Label Society, “Stoned and Drunk.”
    Heard this on the XM the other day and it blew me out of the water. One of the heaviest slabs of rock and roll in recent memory, from their 2003 record The Blessed Hellride.
  • George Strait, “I’ve Come to Expect It From You.”
    A bittersweet lover’s complaint told staccato bursts of poetry. A masterpiece by Buddy Cannon & Dean Dillon brought to life by George’s laconic grief.
  • Update: I (finally) sent out my April letter for the Modern Letter Project, and Callalillie took a lovely photograph of the finished Nostra Aetate. NA—Latin for “in our time” or “in our day”—was my first attempt in a while to do anything strictly autobiographical, whispering about the relationship of comics in my life and perhaps even equating their presence to the level of orthodoxy. The Vatican’s NA explained the Church’s relationship with other religions; I stumbled across the phrase a few weeks ago, and knew immediately how it would apply to the Polaroid of Forestdale Pharmacy I took in December.

    3 Responses to “Murmur (Baton Rouge, La.).”

    1. The pink/green/yellow thing going on in the photo gives it a nice warm Eastery feel. Dig it!

      “Next Untouchable” sounds fun even at crappy MySpace compression levels and through the only still-functioning of my crappy Dell computer speakers, so that’s probably a good sign.

      You’re going to need to write a whole essay on this new George Strait kick you’re on, by the way.

    2. roy says:

      writing on glass . . . can’t believe you abandoned etching . . .

    3. mavis says:

      oh, that’s lovely.