Three Crosses (Raymond, Miss.).

faked by Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I found the draft of this sketch in one of the many sketchbooks I tote around; I’d forgotten about it—it’s almost two years old—and got really excited at how great the idea was. I wish I could remember the placement of the crosses—my sketch was mainly of the man’s body and the cross he was painting at the time. And if you’re wondering, the weird blob in the lower right-hand corner is a sketch of the placement of the guy’s head.

And if you noticed from the great football discussion we started a couple days back, there’s a new indiepop band in town: Blak Thor. Yea, verily, come on, feel the Norse! They are keepin’ it Loki. And: many other, yet to be discovered, horrifying puns (“Wanna be a Balder, shot-caller . . .”). Hold it like a baby!!

4 Responses to “Three Crosses (Raymond, Miss.).”

  1. Oh oh oh. Love it. I want to read a whole novel about the people who put these up and maintain them (or fail to maintain them).

  2. mavis says:

    Covington county alone would provide enough information for a tome of that nature. Can you imagine the stories those people could tell? You’d need to study the geneology of Seminary, MS four generations back just so you could follow the cast of characters.

  3. Sara Leah says:

    This is really great, G.

  4. brd says:

    I really love these crosses peppering the country. I even like the giant aluminum crosses, especially the one near Lake City, KY that hovers above the Adult Book Store.