“The Gentleman from Mississippi Has the Floor.”

faked by Friday, March 23rd, 2007

On March 21 the Republicans moved to gut a Katrina recovery bill with a provision that cities receiving funds from the government would have to provide “matching funds” themselves. The catch: many of the cities—such as Bay St. Louis and Waveland—were virtually destroyed, leaving no tax base through which to generate any income.

Congressman Gene Taylor is a Democratic representative from South Mississippi, and while a strong conservative, has been a guardian of the needs of all Mississippians during this time of trouble, and has taken the corrupt Bush Administration to task for their failures to aid their citizenry.

In this clip he takes the Republicans to task, calls the Bush Administration out for their continuing crimes and outright corruption, and the House erupts in an uproar. Rep. Taylor, Rep. Barney Frank (D.-Mass) and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.-Tex.) absolutely own this debate in a striking display of parliamentary ninjitsu. I must admit that Rep. Hoyer comes across as a gentleman, especially in the face of the grotesque, cringing whiners he is surrounded by in the Republican party—including that embarassingly coiffed creature from Georgia and the pathetic, mealy-mouthed, opportunist Lynn Westmoreland, who’d rather take a shot at Speaker Pelosi than help people who are in need.

As you watch this video, remember that it’s about a bill to help people in Mississippi who lost their homes and were then abandoned by their government. The only thing the Republicans try to do is stall, stutter, and derail the proceedings. Never before has the failings and corruptions of that gang of cowards been so utterly clear.

We’re proud of you, Gene.

Rough transcript is here.

7 Responses to ““The Gentleman from Mississippi Has the Floor.””

  1. Between this and his ridiculous performance in the Plame hearings, Lynn Westmoreland has pretty well established himself as an unimaginative, brain-dead GOP hack who understands politics entirely through the filter of AM radio.

    This was inspiring to watch. C-SPAAAAAN!

  2. Dotty Parka says:

    Great description of the action. Now let’s talk about the difference in proposed funding between Louisiana and Mississippi…

  3. doctorj says:

    Thank you for posting the you tube video. My mother lives in Pass Christian, MS and I really wanted to see the video. Mr. Taylor is the best!

  4. herman rarebell says:

    shit would sure get done a lot quicker if we could just settle things with swords.

  5. The Diplomat says:

    who knew the speaker would not answer historical questions?

  6. Roland says:

    Thanks very much for posting this.

  7. Mr. Mooch says:

    were you combing CSPAN to find this?