Victoria Monroe: Mississippi Hero.

faked by Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Last week a seventeen-year old woman named Victoria Monroe walked out of her class at the Mississippi School for the Deaf. Nineteen of her fellow students joined her.

The students were angry over a school system that failed to provide them with teachers that could speak to them. Ms. Monroe, as well as other students, were called upon to translate for the teachers—to act as interpreters for the class.

They were fed up, and the sucessful and extraordinary protest at Gallaudet University inspired them to do something about it—and they fought with their absence.

Wonderfully, gloriously, the school quickly terminated two of the administrators and it looks like the students will get their wish—and what they deserve: competent teaching in their language.

Prettyfakes loves Victoria Monroe!!

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  1. herman rarebell says:

    really? go victoria monroe. maybe i should try reading the clarion ledger at least once a week.