Ephemera 12.27.06.

faked by Monday, November 27th, 2006

Annnnd . . . welcome back! This post is for you if you, like me, spent most of Saturday huddled around a radio, sipping delicious corn chowder, and gulping Mad Dog 20/20 “Purple Rain” in order to stave off the bitter taste of defeat. Here we go!
Mike Shula is gone. Say what you will: I watched the devastating loss to State this year—in Bryant Denny stadium—and sure, he’s a nice guy, and yes, he was QB back in the day, but listen: 26-23? Absolutely not. And the seniors on this team have never beaten Auburn. Unforgivable, and would have been wholly avoided had Bama not blinked and chosen the white way out when the choice between the highly educated, highly experienced Sly Croom and Shula was presented years ago.
—Don’t talk to me about the Egg Bowl, please (txtmssge from a friend shortly after the loss: “Hotty Toddy, bitch!!).
—Artist Dave Cockrum has passed away. A dedicated John Byrne man growing up, I always dismissed Mssr. Cockrum’s work, but make no mistake: he created the visual vocabulary of Marvel’s Greatest Comic.
Premiere’s take on Christopher Guest’s For Your Consideration may actually be a little generous. I saw it yesterday with Sally, and really, my favorite moments were us leaving the film and stumbling into our own Guestiverse. One argument might be made that this venerable improvisational troupe is simply bored with each other, and without fresh blood or lengthy camera takes, they’re not going to generate any new heat.
—The Arkansas v. LSU game was one of the wildest and most fun SEC games I’ve ever seen, period. Too bad it ended with a win for the lame-duck Tigers, but I’m sold: Darren McFadden is a star.
—Spent Sunday reading two of the lesser novels of Bruce Chatwin, Utz and On the Black Hill. Neither one rivals the legendary majesty of The Songlines or In Patagonia, but the books are to be read for the sumptuous wonder of the prose, soaked in otherwordly nuance that is very nearly always real: even when it’s not, it’s glorious. I would have loved to spoken with him.
—This Washington Post editorial regarding sexual assault is dead-on: consent can be withdrawn, at any time.
—The Hold Steady plays New Orleans this weekend!! I ASK YOU, PRETTYFAKES NATION: ARE YOU IN?? I am, and La Cat is journeying from Phoenix in order that the glitter and the dancing shall occur. Will Professor Fury make the cut?? Will Contessa plead “Amsterdam fever” and bail? Shall Jaxxie and Jaysus get so drunk the show is not to be remembered??

Find out this week, on CHANNEL AWEXXOME!!

Update: Two big cloudy things on the Venice is Sinking stormfront. Er. First, pick up this month’s Copper Press for a good article on the band.

Secondly, the legendary Big Gray now has a proper website!! Go peruse, and don’t believe what he says: “Deer Park (Crime Is Economic)” is bomb.

7 Responses to “Ephemera 12.27.06.”

  1. Ooooh, I want to go to that show SO BAD. And you take that back about the surely BCS-bowl-bound Tigers! Unless “lame-duck” is a colloquial Starkville expression meaning “teams who have managed to win more than three games a season for the last several years.”

    I kid, I kid. Though I did see Jackie Sherrill offering commentary on one of the networks last night. I think he and Bill Frist should get together and have a cadaverous-off. My money’s on Frist, but I wouldn’t count Jackie out.

  2. Yes on Mike Shula – you cannot not beat Auburn and stay at UA, especially when you also lose to us. Yes on the Egg Bowl – I could neither watch nor hear the game where I was, but when I saw the score come across the ticker, I wanted to die. Yes on Ark v. LSU, though I was rooting for LSU since I got lots of family down that way who are die-hard Tigers. Yes, too, on DMc – he ist rad.

  3. xyz says:

    dMc =’s gorjus or darren mcfadden??????....hmmmmmmmm…I think I’m on to something

  4. e says:

    As a Dye-hard (sorry, we have to do that) Aub, I was sad to see Shula go. No Bama coach has ever been so thoroughly pwned by the Tigers. We are happy to see the Bama fans doing some penance for their years of evil oppression, but they’re several hundred thousand hail-marys from being in the clear.

    D-Mac… sheesh. That guy makes Reggie Bush look like a chump.

    Hey, tell me more about the holding Steady. What day is that? What are my odds of surviving that concert and then doing a bike race in Montgomery Alabama on Sunday morning? 1 in… say, 20? 30?

    I can live with that.

  5. Dotty Parka says:

    There’s a shout out to The Hold Steady in McSweeney’s Recommends this week.

  6. La Cat says:

    Skip the race, e. Bike races will always be waiting to torture you mind, body and soul. But The Hold Steady show at the New Orleans’ House of Blues? Could save your life entirely. Personally, I’m counting on it.

    Who cares about football people! The Hold Steady show is a mere four days away!

  7. e says:

    that’s a pretty good point, la cat. i have a hard time arguing with that.