Highway 49 (Jackson to Yazoo City) (“Education, Knowledge”).

faked by Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Taken last Saturday as Alabama was narrowly edged by lousy Arkansas. Come on, Tiffin!!

Picked up a handful of 45’s in the Salvation Army downtown and found a busted Polaroid camera thrown out in the guts of that first building above; I woulda taken it home, or pieces of it, but a bunch of ants lived there. Am I superstitious enough to think it was a sign—a good one—to find a broken Polaroid camera when I was out hunting for picture? Yes.

I love that wonderful art-deco lettering on the school, and the Delta Mart sign over there in West Jackson is one of the best still in the city.

5 Responses to “Highway 49 (Jackson to Yazoo City) (“Education, Knowledge”).”

  1. Ah, now that’s a stretch of highway I know well. Cool shots in Yazoo; I hope that swell lettering survives whatever is in store for the school building.

  2. Pinky says:

    Super snazzy. I don’t think I have a fav in this group, I like all of them. And you missed your opportunity to get like 40 free records. So, I’m going to sell them.

  3. jaysus says:

    we had cool (larger) lettering like that on my old high school in pascagoula. they have since built a newer, uglier, bigger school, and the letters are gone, and the buildings are sitting around, rotting. it’s a shame. (and it’s two blocks from trent lott middle school, where they finally had to move the bust of our esteemed senator indoors because kids kept lifting it and chunking it in the singing river!)

  4. Polly says:

    i always liked that the delta mart sign wasn’t in the delta but on the road going to the delta. like a reassurance before you get on your way.