faked by Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

The esteemed Professor Fury & I just received this electronic mail:


I wanted to let you know about an EXCITING OFFER available to you both. It’s called YOUR WEBSITE. You should WRITE SOMETHING and POST IT THERE.

Your Friend,

Ahem. We have both perhaps been remiss, swept up in the pleasures of Boys and Girls in America. I’ve got more Polaroid sets from Yazoo City, Legion Field, the Nick, and stories about the Goxxip, but I actually think the Prof. has given up writing.

“My spleen,” he has been heard to say. “I feel it inside me still, although softer, paler, more ghostlyish.”

It really creeps me out when he says that.

4 Responses to ““DEAR SIRS.””

  1. Jeff says:

    I guess you could say that you’re both Holding Steady on the posting, huh?

  2. Kamikaze says:

    Yeah, and I know Prof’s spleen. It ain’t any of those things.

  3. Hey! I haven’t given up writing! I have a story to tell about an incompetent party magician, but I’ll not be pressured into sharing it.

    Well, okay, I will, but not until Thursday, probably.

  4. sally says:

    Shame and guilt will get you everywhere.