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Happy Halloween…

faked by Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

...from Contessa, Lester, and your humble photographer, who is just now beginning to wonder if the fact that he was the only (human) member of the family left out of this costume theme is in any way significant.

Contessa 'n' Lester

We’re going to be strum-n-banging it out, full costume style (but sans Lester), at the Mountain Goats show tonight. Baton Rougeans, represent!

“Set Not Thy Heart Upon Thy Goods; And Say Not, I Have Enough For My Life.” Ecclesiasticus V:1. (Starkville, Miss., September 2006).

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Delta Mart (“The Permanence of Things Lost”).

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“JUSTICE ALBIN delivered the opinion of the Court.”

faked by Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Today, New Jersey judicially recognized that the fundamental right of liberty includes the ability to choose who you want to marry.

Legion Field (UAB 35, Memphis 29).

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The Nick (Chess Club = Pop Noir).

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Vulcan, Called by Some Hephaestus.

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John Shade on Eloquence

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“Twenty-three (Dear).”

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