. . . And Sally J. Nordan Does Not Cotton to Whores.

faked by Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

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So the reclusive and wonderful Harper Lee has “published” for the first time in decades. Really, though, it’s just a letter she wrote to Oprah, which spurred the conversation Sally and I had above. I’ve yet to make up my mind about the letter, but I can tell you that I wholeheartedly agree with this exquisite sentiment: “some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal.”

16 Responses to “. . . And Sally J. Nordan Does Not Cotton to Whores.”

  1. vendela says:

    i lurrrrrve your expression of googley-eyed disbelief/desecration of your pear tree in the second panel. i have so seen you look exactly like this before. usually during our talks about sleater-kinney years ago.

  2. brd says:

    Boy are you snobs. Like you don’t read the books on Oprah’s booklist or something. You are just jealous that HL didn’t post to PF.

  3. Well, in fairness, brd, Gorjus left out the part about how Harper Lee signed onto a shot-by-shot remake of the film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird with Oprah as Scout.

    Although Sally’s Highlights idea has some merit. Replace Goofus and Gallant with Boo Radley and Atticus Finch, and… You know, I started off just kidding, but now I really want to read that.

  4. xyz says:

    RIP (Rest in Peace) Sleater-Kinney! Now, we can FINALLY burn that f*cking t-shirt! Watch your ass, Gorjus.

    p.s. I’ll never forgive those chicks for what they did to Boston’s “More than a Feeling.”

  5. gorjus says:

    Somehow my spam filter missed XYZ’s rant! Must be those delicately-placed asterisks . . . and Boston never sounded so slow-core awexxome!

    BRD, I’m the one saying the inestimable Ms. Lee is NOT a whore! Although, the essay, she creaks. Loudly. But parts are sweet and sublime and written exactly how I’d think she’d write. Although, it’s also exactly how I’d fake writing just like her.

  6. the diplomat says:

    written exactly how I’d think she’d write.

    awkwardly? childishly? whoreishly? awkward child-whoreishly?

  7. brd says:

    Gee sorry, gorjus, I totally missed the subtleties of your piece, which is, of course and as always, genius. And prof, I agree with your adaptation concept. That could work!

  8. sally says:

    To be honest, I’m worried about the implications of someone who is legendarily private having something published in O Magazine. What if J.D. Salinger jumps on the recluse rebirth wagon and does the same? The world will explode.

    Really, I just think it’s a strange choice. Like having your coming out party at the Waffle House.

    (Although I forgot about her letter in the New Yorker a few months back. Oops.)

  9. vendela says:

    that needs to be the title of your first novel, sally. coming out party at the waffle house . . . in the great tradition of delta wedding and ballad of the sad cafe.

  10. bulb says:

    Query: Did HL intend to have her letter to Oprah published? I wonder.

    She’s been known to write polite letters that often refuse to participate in Mockingbird-related events. Not having read the whole letter in O: The Magazine, I’d love to know if Oprah is spinning a web of BS about HL choosing to “publish” in her mag.

  11. gorjus says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that the letter was intended for publication. I don’t even think that’s something that is worth the barest amount of contemplation. And, you can read the “letter” at the link above; it’s basically an essay, couched in letter form.

  12. bulb says:

    Maybe your young(er) eyes can read the second full page of that link, but mine sure can’t, sigh . . . . I suspect you’re right though. Just was feelin’ contrarian on a bright hump day afternoon.

  13. Polly says:

    I really like how you two came together from your differently rendered cartooney worlds for this strip.

    as for this letter…i mean, was it to the magazine or to oprah (and oprah, what are you doing posting your personal mail, you big show off). i mean, is this a letter to the editor, because if that’s what “being published” means, i need to add Issue #13 of DC Comics’ THE SPECTRE to my resume! if it was an essay…well, she should have just written to McSweeney’s so they could publish it on the fuselage of an intricate paper airplane.

    as for “O”. you’d think a magazine named after the shorthand for “Orgasm” would have something other than pictures of Oprah on it month in and month out. sorta egOtistical.

    And as for the art…I love Sally’s fist in the air. I was about to say i like the quivery mouth at the end for Gorj. but i like something different on each face and the fact that the come the eye sequentially and simultaneously make them all that much better than they would standing alone.

    now, if only someone was in the background of the panel listening in so that in the last panel they could do a ‘flip-take’ it would be a flawless piece of art.

  14. gclark says:

    “as for ‘O’. you’d think a magazine named after the shorthand for ‘Orgasm’ would have something other than pictures of Oprah on it month in and month out. sorta egOtistical.”


  15. Matt T. says:

    Berke Breathed, creator of the excellent “Bloom County” and the excreable “Opus”, is a big Harper Lee fan and had many homages to Mockingbird in his comics. One of his “Outland” collections, if I recall correctly, reprinted a letter from Lee. So, therefore, she’s been a whore for a long time. Hell, she probably made money from the movie. Total whore.

    Maybe she should write a letter to “McSweeny’s”. Nobody reads that.

  16. gorjus says:

    HA! Um, I actually really like the letters to McSweeney’s.

    I love Harper Lee, and after all this hullabaloo intend to go snatch me a copy of Mockinbird down at Choctaw and re-read it. It’s been at least fifteen years, although I watch the movie every few years or so.