Crabby Wednesday.

faked by Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

I was just walking down the street, and this sort of awkward, faux-hawked kid walked up and said WHERE IS TEH POMES??

Which kind of creeped me out. I am rather ashamed that in this, the National Poetry Month, we have been so lacking in the poems. Normally we have tons and tons of stuff, but hey: we’ve got a whole Poetry category, go find some nice things! Plus, Sally has been quite catholic in her observance this year.

For the record, I’m currently simultaneously reading two Billy Collins books: Sailing Alone Around the Room and Nine Horses. While am I tag-teaming two different books? Well, I can leave one in the living room, and one by the bed. That way I won’t crumble under the sublime difficulty of hauling a 192 page book about thirty feet.

Prof. and I are currently yammering over who’s writing a post about the new Bruce Springsteen record. He lied to me and said that he had posted a stunning review/essay under the title of “All This Useful Beauty.” I wore my finger out mashing the “Refresh” button until I heard him guffawing all the way from Red Stick.

So, for the awkard, faux-hawked youth out there, and to you: a poem. I think one of my favorite things about this poem is the masterful use of punctuation; once disdainful of the comma, I now adore complicated punctuation. I think that officially makes me a nerd. Oh, well.

A Green Crab’s Shell
by Mark Doty

Not, exactly, green:
closer to bronze
preserved in kind brine,

something retrieved
from a Greco-Roman wreck,
patinated and oddly

muscular. We cannot
know what his fantastic
legs were like—
though evidence
suggests eight
complexly folded

scuttling works
of armament, crowned
by the foreclaws’

gesture of menace
and power. A gull’s
gobbled the center,

leaving this chamber—size of a demitasse—open to reveal

a shocking, Giotto blue.
Though it smells
of seaweed and ruin,

this little traveling case
comes with such lavish lining!
Imagine breathing

surrounded by
the brilliant rinse
of summer’s firmament.

What color is
the underside of skin?
Not so bad, to die,

if we could be opened
into this—if the smallest chambers

of ourselves,
revealed some sky.

There’s some really great stuff going on in this poem: “kind brine” (delicious in a Southern accent), “Greco-Roman wreck”—I love such meaty alliteration. I also like the way he’s smooshed in “[a] gull’s gobbled the center”—very casual, almost.

In other news, the Amazing Race comes on tonite. And, I shall not be watching. Yes, I know: I used to love it so much! But the Racers this year are just, meh. I really, really liked the self-professed nerds, David & Lor, and I thought Desiree was dreamy. But the folks that are left? Xtreme Meh, my friends. Team Choad and . . . Fran and Barry are still in it?? Dear Lord. I shall drink wine and consume starches, instead.

Either way . . . Happy Crabby Wednesday!

4 Responses to “Crabby Wednesday.”

  1. lucy says:

    The crab poem is fantastic. I like the last little bit, which I’ve edited: “Not so bad, to die, . . . if the smallest chambers of ourselves . . . revealed some sky.”

    Re: TAR. GO RAY AND YOLANDA! You’re right: everyone else sucks.

  2. Dr. Wagner says:

    what the heck happened to that springsteen essay?? It was really long and well written. Did you dump it because of that bit about you and the dying kittens?

  3. gorjus says:

    I do like Ray & Yolanda. I’m impressed with the Oldsters sticking around.

    Wags, PF is broke a little. I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re working to fix it.

  4. brd says:

    Springsteen review disappearance: My guess is that the spirit of C. Schulz made a ghostly hack in retribution for the impertinent disrespect to the utterances of his characters. Saw your idol on TV the other night. My husband said, quote, is he ever not high? Different strokes.