Professor Fury in Repose.

faked by Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Photo taken at Casa de Fury, Saturday night, likely drunken, listening to Bruce Springsteen live in Roma (June 6, 2005, at the Palalottomatica Arena, with the Boss speaking Italian between sets!), possibly talking about Ashley Parker Angel, or Ellen Gilchrist, &tc.

9 Responses to “Professor Fury in Repose.”

  1. jaysus says:

    ah, prof! your very first polaroid collage! (right?)
    although we saw you and ‘tessa for a grand total of about 12 minutes this past weekend (not counting the pizza roadhouse deliciosity), me and jaxxie had fun. and we are TOTALLY stealing your house.
    and your dogs.
    actually, just stella.

  2. Dag, yo! Is it the height of narcissism to say I love this? This is by far the coolest I will ever look. It’s all downhill from here. And Lester is really quite sweet once he calms down and stops licking you. We just haven’t figured out where that threshold is, exactly, as Dave Ashes can tell you.

    Jaysus, it was great to see youze guys too! You’ll have to make it down for Poolapalooza ‘06, date TBA.

  3. Scott says:


  4. Darren says:

    Man, I miss Sadie.

  5. Contessa says:

    I love the lightning bolts!
    For those who haven’t met Sadie I’ll just tell you that she may be the perfect dog. Even people who only like cats love this dog. We do not take credit for her awesomeness, though, because she was 5 yrs old when she jumped into our car on a cold December night at the Knoxville Center mall parking lot. That was six years ago!

    Lester… well, I don’t know what to say about him. He’s part Boston Terror and part something with HUGE ears. That moment in the photo may have been during the 3 minutes that he was not in Dave Ashes lap licking his face and trying to drink his whiskey. He got a taste for alcohol at the Halloween party where he consumed half a bottle of wine and a lot of spilt beer.

  6. Regulator says:

    That’s the exact same way I got hooked on booze! And it was at a halloween party on Orlando!

  7. Sue says:

    Great pics, yo. Glad I finally got to meet all the virtually-famous Jacksonites, and hear some of the wacky stories of Christians and …more Christians. Gorjus, our hip hop debate has only just begun.

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