Seven Deadly Sins 5, Gorjus 2.

faked by Monday, February 20th, 2006

8 Responses to “Seven Deadly Sins 5, Gorjus 2.”

  1. jaysus says:

    this is xxxcellent.

    cici’s was 100% my idea, i’ll admit. and since i was (of course) the first victim along the Pizza Stairway To Heaven, i felt vindicated and calm when i saw the mac’n’cheese pie.
    for the record, i also made sure you didn’t leave your bathtub cleaning agents in the truck.

    hopefully going to see match point on wednesday. if jaxx will come along to brick-ville, that is.

  2. Mr. Mooch says:

    pretty good. i’d have been mad if that beer fizz’d out. those aren’t cheap! good stuff!

  3. Byootiful! I love the devil on your shoulder at Hudson’s. And I don’t think Mooch can make fun of this pizza like he did the last one! I think you should plan on indulging all seven during Mardi Gras, though.

  4. sally says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of the macaroni and cheese pizza. And I am definitely filled with lust and envy for it. When Larry and I went to Mexico, o land of the 24-hour buffet filled with the same gd food for a week, I came to love the disgusting layered pizza I ate every day for lunch: pizza base, spaghetti middle, chili fries on top. Hello.

  5. vendela says:

    where is this cici’s??? ever since sally’s carboriffic dinner, i have been in love with the absolute perfection of mac n cheese. do they have a lunch buffet??

  6. This is awesome. That Hudson’s devil is thee bomb.

  7. Mr. Mooch says:

    HAW! i forgot i even WROTE that damn Prof. Total Recall! ...and yeah, that pizza IS pretty nice and prolly tasty too.

    as for the hudson’s devil…strangely HE looked more like you than YOU did in that panel. is that a telling hint?

  8. vendela says:

    yeah. you’re looking very j caz in these panels, especially in the first one.