Project Runway Reunion Special / Lupe Intervention / Daniel F. Breakdown Shame Document / Gumby-Legged, Marshmallowy, Delicious Horror!!

faked by Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

And . . . Andrae cried for ten minutes?? I had to keep covering my eyes and once actually had to run out of the room. Amazing, horrifying, hilarious television. And, why didn’t they show Daniel F.’s runway intervention vis-a-vis Santino earlier?? Plus—Daniel F. is the straight one?? Oh, so good. Sally has more over at The Oh Really?

14 Responses to “Project Runway Reunion Special / Lupe Intervention / Daniel F. Breakdown Shame Document / Gumby-Legged, Marshmallowy, Delicious Horror!!”

  1. I thought Heidi’s answer about why they picked Santino’s lingerie line over Daniel F’s was lame, and that she might as well have said that they voted that way because Santino gives better TV. Then D-F came out with his profession of luv, and even that excuse went out the window (out Heidi’s bedroom window, where D-F crouches with a camera and some night-vision goggles).

  2. Sally says:

    Yase, it was a great night of television. More than great: it was Jaytastic. I love him so much!

  3. Lucy says:

    I hope when you ran out the room, you did it in the style of Andrae negotiating the revolving door. That guy is a drinking game waiting to happen.

  4. vendela says:

    i think this entire show is a drinking game waiting to happen. when they start up the reruns, we should all get together to watch. everyone should pick a character, and whenever his character does something stupid or says something freaky, he should have to drink. we’ll all be wasted by the first commercial break…unless you happen to be michael kors. then you’ll be drunk a little late in the game.

  5. Dotty Parka says:

    I feel asleep during this—How on earth is that possible? It’s a good thing BRAVO will replay it about, oh, I don’t know, six million times between now and next Wednesday, so I won’t be left out when it comes to Part 1 of the Big Runway Show-down.

  6. Sue says:

    Oh god—my mysteriously free cable has lapsed. I’m going to have to break down and pay for it so I can see the rerun of this episode.

  7. Oh, Sue. We also live in dread of the day of the Great Free Cable Envanishment. Now we will see your situation as a cautionary tale, though, since we’re Americans, we will not heed its lessons.

  8. gorjus says:

    Ha ha! Indeed, we will wallow in spurious delight at our good fortune! “Thank Fonzie we are not like Sue,” we will say, as we chuckle on our thousandth re-viewing of optical delights the likes of of which you can only imagine, including those of Heidi and Her Amazing Klums, and also her Magically Long and Then Short and Then Long Hair, Which Is Not Ever Composed of Extensions, Sally J. Nordan, You Hater.

    Seriously, though—it’s totally worth the price of admission! It was stunningly good. Better than any other episode this season.

  9. Darren says:

    Waitaminute. Eight comments and no one yet has mentioned Guadalupe’s cringe-inducing, booze-fueled, incoherent ramblings? I had to flip the channel, it was so awkward.

  10. So does that mean you won’t be buying this shirt?

  11. Darren says:

    Oh, geez, that’s funny.

  12. Mr. Mooch says:

    now, it may be that Daniel F. was a victim of Editing, but at that point, where he says “Heidi, I love you”....good lord. he was talking like a drunk that had finally worked up the courage to believe that no one else was in the room, so he could show her his heart.

    The whole show was good, but remarkably uncomfortable. “hey, watch some Awful thing that Santino said about ____. Ok ____, how’d that make you feel?”

    As for Lupe…my my, i felt crushed for her, her friends, and her family. she wasn’t funny drunk, she was embarass your town drunk. poor poor dumbass.

    OH, I wished they’d shown more, but the blonde model seemed like she was ready to let her hair down and go ahead to tell Zulema off. she started, but it wasn’t enough.

    OK, one other thing. Austin Scarlet …jesus. he’s now 2 steps away from the operation, methinks.

  13. the drizzle says:

    uh guyz/girlz…guadalupe was definately not drunk….or ONLY drunk…did you see her freakin PUPILS???? the girl was on so much e/lsd/shrooms/etc. it was sooo embarrassing….i feel for her family…

  14. gorjus says:

    HA! I agree, Drizzle. Although I couldn’t pinpoint what she was on to get such a potent reaction. This theory is lent credence by her “dance” when she walked up to the bar in the early parts of the episode . . .