I Will Dare.

faked by Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Many moons ago a girl and a boy fell in love, and then they got married. They had a friend who celebrated the marriage with fliers composed of Replacements lyrics and pressed flowers, most of which were hand-colored and hung up around Starkville.

(“meet me any place or any where or any time if you will dare


I will dare”)

This was long before the Overnight Lows.

But not before Marsh + Daphne. I remember being at their wedding party at some crumbling mansion south of Starkville, with the Hoptown Tigers jangling away in the background, talking to a man in a suit about the wonders and inevitability of love.

I went to the party with a girl who’d already dumped me. I forget the reason we went together, but everybody loves a wedding. The back of this flier has scribbled in ink “Scott called x 2” by Dr. Wagner. I don’t have any idea what those spots are, but I suspect tomato sauce. I also think that this was 1999? Ish?

5 Responses to “I Will Dare.”

  1. herman rarebell says:

    were you the friend that made those flyers? i’ve often admired the one hanging in marsh/daphne’s house. it’s so sweet, you almost don’t smell the litter box anymore.

  2. Man. If Contessa and I ever have a big vow-renewal party, you’re doing the invites. Byootiful.

  3. gorjus says:

    Herman, of course I was that friend! The happy coincidence was that they both loved that song. I do wish I had some of the colored ones, but this is the only one left—and it was neatly folded into squares, likely used as a coaster for a while at 1116B. I’m also excited because I got my old typewriter out of storage, too, which was the source of all the writing on most of my stuff from this time period.

  4. Lucy says:


  5. pinky says:

    love this. and i soooo remember Daphne + Marsh. thanks for the memory of another life. hope you had a fabu valentines.