Three Knives.

faked by Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

I keep forgetting that those cool mailbox letters don’t show up well on my scanner. Oh, wells. That blue switchblade has popped up before, too.

After Sally started her 52B52W column, I wanted to do something similar. I read hardly any fiction last year, and wanted to get back into reading books . . . I also wanted to keep more track of what I bought and actively listened to. So my new running list is at this link, which is also in my “Gorjus Reads . . . ” category on the sidebar, and it’ll keep track of what books I’ve purchased, books I’ve read (that particular nuance courtesy of Nick Hornby and his Polysyllabic Spree), music I’ve purchased, music I’m actually listening to, and long-form comics and graphic novels I’ve read. Anything particularly yummy I’ll write a bit about, maybes.

I hope yr weekend was as fun as mine. I only threw up once, and it was one of those, I think I’m spitting up okay cool keep it cool keep it—okay, yeah, not too much lost there kind of things. Oh yeah, and I fixed my old Waffle House cartoon, finally!

12 Responses to “Three Knives.”

  1. JBC says:

    Man, I love a good knife. I wish all of my pants had a slim vertical pocket—like a longer version of the change pocket—specifically for holding of a good, wickedly sharp knife.

    People who carry knives like No. 3 strapped around their ankles and tucked inconspicuously inside their boots are dangerous and deserve your utmost respect.

  2. gorjus says:

    HA! J. Bub, the Kershaw knife in the middle, a Ken Onion-designed “Scallion” model is perfect for carrying in dress pants or suits. It has a slender metal whim-wham that clips right to yr pocket, and also a “speed-safe” opening feature that is so. Cool. And, it’s only fifty bucks. Get it!!

  3. You gotta go to Gatlinburg, TN sometime. The only businesses are tourism and knives.

  4. JBC says:

    BrokeLink? Or is the EEOC in the knife-peddlin’ bidness in addition to the EqualEmployin’ bidness?

    I’m just guessing, but I think the metaphor for what happened there may’ve been the computer equivalent of when you’re using glue and you get something stuck to your fingers and wind up pasting that instead of what you intended to paste.

  5. gorjus says:

    HA! And, whoops.

    Oh, I’ve been to Gatlinburg many, many times.

  6. sally says:

    Oh, how boys love their knives! Larry’s dad, previously knifeless, is in LUFF with his shiny new multi-tool-knifey thing we gave him for christmas.

  7. pinky says:

    it’s not just boys, dear sally. i have a wonderful, all black, serrated blade Benchmade that i love, love , luuuv. i’m hoping to be able to get a true automatic one soon. but since you can only get those for law enforcement, the guys at work are going to get it for me.

  8. Regulator says:

    Just like Old Joe’s rig, the Phantom 309, there is one knife that’d be puttin em all to shame: the K-Bar Marine issue combat knife. I bought mine in Gatlinburg, no less. It’s one of those anomalies in a world of consumer garbage: the well-made thing—it just feels right in your hand. Besides, of the dozen or so non-kitchen knives I’ve owned, the K-Bar is the only knife that has come from the factory with a truly razor sharp blade.
    One other knife of note: a WWII M-1 Garand bayonet: put the bayonet on the rifle, throw it like a spear into a wooden deck, and the stock of the rifle can sway a full foot from either side of verticle without the blade breaking.
    I’ll almost say nothing about our culture being so good at making things that destroy.

  9. Darren says:

    Almost every time I’ve mocked the knife superstore in Gatlinburg, I’ve then learned that the person I’m speaking to (or one of his/her close relatives) had visited the knife superstore recently. And non-ironically. And so I’ve made a habit of no longer mocking the knife superstore, lest the knife-wielders of East Tennessee turn their vengeance upon me.

  10. HMBT says:

    It is so not just boys! I have a 4.5 inch carbon steel fixed double sided thin and deadly boot knoif I wear ever single day…I made a cool little sewn in pocket for it in the arm of my favorite leather jacket, and my favorite pair of boots all have a pocket for it. I also have really long hair that I love, but not when it’s down in my face…so my Mate Man got me some really bitchin steel chopsticks that are sharp as hell with dimond cut tops for sparkle and a good gripin action…they are a great hair holder-uper and freaking scary assed tool of putting out the lights, I wear them to the grocery store all the time. In my household we have a collection of bladed tools numbering in the hundres…Mate Man loves his New Cold Steel Bayonet, that lives between the matress and the nightstand…handle out. Parnoid? No…just like the knowing I can take care of business, quietly if need be…and no one is going to take it away from me and shoot me with my own gun.
    I have a great bowie out in the studio, strapped someplace handy…and one in the car that also double as a galss punch in case of emergency. A Grrrls got to know how to take of herself in this world!
    I also love my 3.5 ince Talon from cold steel…fits inside my palm, and can’t bee seen, before it does the damage.
    Great post! Heather

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  12. i used to like knifes till 6th grade when i cut my thumb off