At Midnight We Spill Champagne under the Twinkling Lights (102 Syllables for the New Year).

faked by Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Thee Glams sure do know how to throw a party. Keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Check. Chinese New Year’s decorations? Check. Champagne by the case? Oh, mais oui!
Several of our Red Stick contingent traveled northward for the party, which made it all the more special. I’m sure I’m leaving somebody out, but Jaxxie and Jaysus were our hosts; the Diplomat took some fantastic photographs; Wah & Jah sauntered by; Sally and Larry walked over; Professor Fury + Contessa made the trip; Satsuma Man stumbled by (and I acted out parts of “The Ballad of Frank Melton” in his honor); Mr. Buck made an appearance, as did the whole of the Glam Menagerie, and thee Electrics and pretty much everybody else I’ve ever met in my entire life (except sadly-sick Vendela and Left Coasting jp!).

Happy NYE!

p.s. And, hey! In honor of tonight’s new episode of Project: Runway, I’ve finally fixed the long-broken “Hatbox” strip about the fab Austin Scarlett. Follow yr bliss!

7 Responses to “At Midnight We Spill Champagne under the Twinkling Lights (102 Syllables for the New Year).”

  1. Whee! These are great shots. I love how transparent Mix looks in panel 1, and of course I’m a big fan of the obscure Springsteen reference. And yes indeed, that was one well decorated house! I keep saying this to people, but really: best NYE ever! Much better than the one where Contessa’s dad threatened to beat up a guy in the Outback Steakhouse parking lot.

  2. Pale Ale comes in kegs?
    nobody told me ‘bout this?
    I have no true friends.

    Nice Polarizing work, gorjus. And nice party, from the looks of it.

  3. Dr. Wagner says:

    Looks like a rockin bash. The Diplo’s pics look really good.

  4. Sally says:

    Where’s my picture? I love being on the internet!

  5. Dr. Wagner says:

    The Diplomat took some really great pics of this party, too! And I like to type…alot. For no reason.

  6. mix says:

    I love that you captured the my essential nature on film. I’m not sure what having a transparent essential nature means exactly, but I’m going to hope that it’s a positive thing.

    So fun! You should make photo montages of all the different parties you go to, then publish them and rake in the big $$.

    Also, no mention of the plentiful new year’s kazoo things? Those were my favorite of all the Glam party favors (not including the salsa and the sierra nevada).

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