(Pre-) Teen Satan.

faked by Friday, December 30th, 2005

Yes, this is the fmr. lead singer of Teen Satan, surrounded by delicate beauties, as is his wont. A little younger than usual, perhaps, but I cannot wait until they’re old enough and I can explain to them that their dad played punk rock harmonica. We also once tried to record a version of “Saturday Night Security” . . . with a trombone. What can I say, it was a cool idea that may have had some, uh, technical issues.

“Saturday Night Security” had some of my favorite lyrics. It was about staying with someone because you didn’t want to be alone . . . security for Saturday nights. Some of the debris I drug back from my dad’s haus included a couple of old setlists, and I may also have a recording (or two). It may all work itself up on the web at one point. Mainly, I want Big Gray to get famous with his band, the excellently atmospheric Venice Is Sinking, so I can ride his coat-tails to ex-band-member VH1 special “star”dom.

Photos taken at Wah’s the other nite. The youngest Wagner’s birth was memorialized here.

Random: If you’re a Yaz fan, like me, you can watch the video for “Only You” (my favorite song of theirs), here.

5 Responses to “(Pre-) Teen Satan.”

  1. Sally says:

    I bet those babies would be scared if you told them their daddy was a Teen Satan.

  2. vee says:

    i just happened on this website. can’t remember how— random surfing and reading blogs is like driving around at night and getting a glimpse of how other people live by peering (for a split second) through open doors. your site makes me want to drive by again…—- ughhh, that really sounded creepy… i just mean i enjoyed reading your blogs…

  3. No sweat, Vee! Inadvertent creepiness is always welcome here! Drive by anytime.

  4. jp! says:

    god, gorj is ALWAYS with the hope that someone will drive by and peep in.

  5. Dr. Wagner says:

    Funny thing, they have all my old harmonicas now and will belt out little duets in the kitchen rocking back and forth. Also, Carson will make up songs on the spur of the moment…

    Me: Sing me a song about puppies, Carson.
    Carson: La la, shoes to bee puppy…blue nu la puppy…

    It’s awesome.

    The picture made me smile. Thanks for sharing. I’m a big ole softie now, I’d take these beauties over any other.