“In Nineteen Thirty-Six a Young Man Walked into a Hotel Room in South Texas (Robt. Johnson).”

faked by Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Wah approached me recently with the idea of a collaboration on a blues-based image for a benefit for Virgil Brawley of the Juvenators, whose house recently burned down. We quickly settled on a focus—Robert Johnson—and a format: he’d take a photo and I’d trash it up a little.

The model in the photo, taken from a series of about twenty, is consciously imitating the hand placement of the most well-known photograph of Mr. Johnson (of the two known to exist):

The image is 20” x 20” and was printed on high-quality giclee paper, and duly turned over to me for whim-whammery. I dragged Jaysus over to Montgomery Hardware and bought most of the mailbox letters they had, and packed my stampabet and took it over to Jaxxie’s. There, cheered on by tequila, hateflu confusion, and a good chunk of the members of thee Glam Menagerie, I teased out a little poetry about Mr. Johnson.

I’m very proud of it. I love it, actually. I’d like to do a whole series focused on other seminal musicians and artists done in the same style. What do you say, Wah? I say the next few should be Elvis Presley, Wm. Faulkner, and perhaps Miss Welty.

9 Responses to ““In Nineteen Thirty-Six a Young Man Walked into a Hotel Room in South Texas (Robt. Johnson).””

  1. Holy. Crap. This is great. I love it all to pieces. The shiny mailbox letters are g-nyus. This should definitely be part one of a series.

  2. jaysus says:

    you really gotta see it to believe it! jaxxie had it hanging on the wall before it was technically ours. but now it is, and it will be back up before sundown. (we have to retrieve it from one of the auction organizers.) come see it if you’re in the neighborhood!

    oh, and if you do drop by, you can also check out our neighbor’s Amazingly Awesome Creche! It features an alligator, Santa Claus, three African Wise Men, and a lobster. Baby Jesus is playing peek-a-boo. I’m posting pictures of it later on glam menagerie.

    we might even let you have a sip of wah’s ferocious eggnog. it’s Amazingly Awesome as well.

  3. KoE says:

    Good god. This is wonderful, sir. Timely too, seeing as I recently put the RJ two-disc set on my iPod and have been juke-jointin’ it ever since. Please do more like these.

  4. [trackback] . . . Well, the piece is finished and has been auctioned off to our good friend Jaxxie. Here is a pic of the finished piece, the photo does not do justice to the reflective metallic mailbox letters, but otherwise it is a decent representation (Gorjus and J . . .

  5. wah says:

    for the record, it is a giclee, but the paper is somerset velvet (very similar to watercolor paper like reeves bfk), and I thought it was gorjus’s idea . . .

  6. pinky says:

    this is amazing…two of my fav artists, working together. i just doesn’t get better than that.

  7. jp! says:

    MAN! i’ve been braggign about that nativity scene non-stop! i wanted to take pictures before i left town but had no time. I also thought that thing was a Crawfish rather than a Lobster, btw. either way, the black nativ. scene was awesome, and thebabyjesus looks like a smiley faced Egg. Santa is the only white guy there adn he looks like he’s dancing to whatever tunes they’re playing in the manger.

    Jaysus, please take a picture of that thing and post it for me!

    pinky, i swear to god i thought you were gonna say “two great tastes that taste great together” up there. your brother is peanutbutter, btw.

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  9. brd says:

    very nice