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(Pre-) Teen Satan.

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Sally and I have a standing date on Wednesday nights. Not with each other, with the Klums. Rowr.

Broken Mirrors and Shattered Stalls: Happy Birthday, Wah.

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Merry Xmas!! (Broken Sketches/”Ask Bo Bice” + Boomy Box).

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Not that kind of doctor

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“In Nineteen Thirty-Six a Young Man Walked into a Hotel Room in South Texas (Robt. Johnson).”

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Sally!! Get Yr Baby outta the Fridge!

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Okay, so I’ve been laid up with the hateflu.

2005: The Prof and Contessa Year in Pictures (That I Could Find)

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A Scene From the Work-in-Progress Play “Why I Need to Find a New Comics Store”

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Down to the Wire.

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I don’t have the time to fully discuss how I feel about the death penalty today. But I want you to think about it.