Iron & Wine and “Such Great Heights.”

faked by Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

20 Responses to “Iron & Wine and “Such Great Heights.””

  1. pinky says:

    this is beautifully written and i really love the gray tones. wonderful.

  2. lucy says:

    pretty. i wish he was coming to jackson instead of oxford.

  3. Sally says:

    This is sooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

  4. That is a very fine beard on Mr. Beam. Nice job with this ‘toon!

  5. jp! says:

    you have a link to your old Iron and Wine flyer from his Jxn appearance? that’d be a nice add on for this comic. (i like this pic. the old one, while great, always made me thing of Big Gray—tho it didn’t really look like BG).

  6. jaysus says:

    in related news, the new smog/bill callahan record is out. and joanna newsom plays on it a little bit! will transmit review shortly…

  7. Jays—yes please! I’ve been trying to decide whether I should rush out and get it or not.

  8. KoE says:

    Man. This is awesome. I’ve been debating with myself about whether I like his version or the original better, but I think you’ve tipped the scales toward the beard.

    That envelope schtick is killing me—so good.

  9. gorjus says:

    They’re both fan-TAS-tic songs. I hearted the Postal Service version immediately, with its beep-bo-beep-bo-beep and breathless Ben Gibbard singing. So’s I buys the single, and the Iron & Wine version is on there, and I was . . . nonplussed. Too slow, thinks I.

    Then I saw Garden State and my heart jumped up in my throat when it came onscreen and I absolutely fell in love with it.

  10. Boco says:

    Nice song —to bad it had to be in the service of such a lousy movie.

    I liked when Mr. Beam performed at Martin’s a couple years back and tried to dress down the yakkers, unfortunately with little success.

  11. lucy says:

    garden state? lousy movie? pshaw.

  12. jp! says:

    I thought Garden State was a great movie and I enjoyed the soundtrack. Unfortunately, it didn’t have that same wow for me that many other soundtracks had (rushmore, royal tenenbaums, and Pulp Fic. come to mind). Not bad stuff by any means, but just not the ‘revelation’ it seems to be for others.

  13. gorjus says:

    Oh, Boco! Don’t be loco!

    I adored Garden State, but only this song was a revelation. The others are kind of pretty—and I like the Shins more & more, even though I’m trying to fight that. And, Lucy, I wish he were coming to Jaxxon instead of Oxford, too—I blame Jaysus!!

  14. jaysus says:

    a pox on your head, dear sir!
    it was cringe-inducing enough to bring john darnielle to don’s. i couldn’t imagine having another member of the indie royal familie play there.
    not to mention the fact that i tried to book it at the capri, and the booking agent? she nixed it cause they ain’t got proper bathrooms!

    so, everyone in jackson needs to get down to the capri fest – it’s this weekend, friday and saturday nights, great lineup, $10 for both nights. and proceeds go toward the crapper/soundsystem/air conditioning fund.

  15. jaysus says:

    sorry for the crass advertisement!

  16. Mr. Mooch says:

    jaysus, that was the crassiest thing i’ve read here all day!

    ...whoap! no, i just read something from Prof. Fury’s Uncle. you’re safe now.

  17. Kathleen says:

    Lovely cartoon!

    Did y’all know that Mr. Beam lives in Miami? Wacky. He’s not from here, which might explain some things . . . like why his music doesn’t sound like “Dude looks like a lady” or “Livin’ la vida loca” (both written or co-written by Miami Native Desmond Childs).

    There’s a big article on him in this weekend’s Miami Herald:

    You may have to register, I don’t know.

  18. gorjus says:

    Gasp!! I had no-idea that Mr. Childs had a part in Aerosmith’s troubling my youth. I did know that Mr. Beam was from down those parts, which always confounds journalists who are wanting him so badly to be from somewhere deep in Appalachia, the same way they want rale bad for Gillian Welch to be from the Delta or have eaten dirt growing up or something.

    Also: Miami is hot + weird. But, not in a bad way.

  19. alexis* says:

    i loved garden state. it was one of the best movies- ever. after watching this movie, i proceeded to fall in love with the shins and more indie kinds of music. i had already loved such great heights from its original context (the postal service) but the “chopped and screwed” version by iron wine… so good. i loved it. but i dont understand how it could be in an M&M’s commercial. wow.

  20. Rene says:

    I am in love with Iron & Wine and Garden State.
    Honestly, this is the perfect representation of the impact of each.
    It is depicted perfectly. Hands down.