Because “Dave Eggers” Was Just Too Damn Obvious.

faked by Thursday, May 5th, 2005

8 Responses to “Because “Dave Eggers” Was Just Too Damn Obvious.”

  1. Sally says:

    Now I know that you’re just really, really hungry when you turn to me (as you often do) and say, “What is your name, chum? Shall we be friends?”

  2. How did you prepare JSF, by the way?

  3. pinky says:

    Professor Fury! That was just nasty…

  4. dave ashes says:

    ah, gorjus, you are still terribly, terribly alone, for i have finished ‘everything is illuminated’ was quite good…i’ve got ‘extremely loud and incredibly close’ on the night stand and will get to it before the summer’s end…don’t know what to think of it from the reviews i’ve read…

  5. Sally says:

    He’s bouncy, so he must have been boiled.

  6. jaysus says:

    i’ve read bits of his new one and its amazin’.
    throat-lumpingly great.

  7. Wait? Why am I nasty? I’m not the one who ate the talking egg! I’m just curious about how he was cooked.

  8. dave ashes says:

    oh, forgot to mention, on the safran foer tip…his wife, a novelist named nichole krauss is coming to lemuria in june for her new book, ‘history of love’...mrs. electric read it and hasn’t stopped talking about it and i’m starting it in the next week or so…supposed to be quite good…