“Hummingbird” by Raymond Carver.

faked by Thursday, April 14th, 2005

The way it looks on the printed page:


Suppose I say summer,
write the word “hummingbird,”
put in an envelope,
take it down the hill
to the box. When you open
my letter you will recall
those days and how much,
just how much, I love you.

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10 Responses to ““Hummingbird” by Raymond Carver.”

  1. RD says:


  2. dave says:

    wow, the letter is postmarked tchula…the gas station there has a great fried bologna sandwich…but that’s about all going for it…nice poesy, sir, nice poesy…

  3. pinky says:


  4. jaysus says:

    greatness, indeed.
    don’t tell sally, but i like the pomes better when they come with pitchers.

  5. Professor Fury says:

    That postmark is a stroke of genius. The poem is also good.

  6. jp! says:

    you got the tchula stamp eh? i’ve been waiting to get that for some reason myself.

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  9. Sean R. Corbin says:

    This is my favorite of Raymond Carver’s poetry – so simple and sentimental. I find it interesting he uses the word “letter” to describe a piece of paper with one word on it – a fitting description for a simple poem that says so much.

    This is a lovely depiction as well.

  10. halebyrd says:

    this is one of my favorites. it gets to me every time.