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being for the benefit of mr. peel.

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A proper eulogy to our dj—by Bulb.

Gorjus made me do it: “bulb, why don’t you write a proper eulogy that we can post on catoptric? you’re one of the only ones that can.”

I decided against writing a “proper” eulogy because there are enough of them out there: two of the best being by Sasha-Frere Jones of The New Yorker and Dave Morley of NME and The Art of Noise. Instead I’ll write an appreciation of what John Peel meant to me personally, and I assume the musically-minded amongst you feel similarly.

i am naught but a radio-wave.

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bad decisionmaking skills in the indy-rock buying community: a modest study.

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paul brill.

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thee new babeh!

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A hearty Catoptric welcome to a new kiddo on the block—frequent commentator ceo and his wonderful wife delivered a little bundle of joy! All the best, folks!

i just wish you had told me you were insane so we’d have a baseline for conversations like this.

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