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get cranked!

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christa päffgen, 1938-1988.

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you can help save america.

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Our country is brokenhearted. Every day, we are made a party to horrifying atrocities by virtue of an unjust war. Every day, the freedoms our country was built upon are eroded by distrust and guile. Every day, more and more families and children are condemned to a life of desperation and crushing poverty.

You can stop this.

switchblade saturday.

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the birth of caz.

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the birth of caz.jpg

stormy weather.

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i still like the waffle house.

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the sugar circle.

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teaching is rewarding.

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You knew gclark looks like a cute lil’ futbol lovin’ bulldog, didn’t you?

robert smith is . . . the C.U.R.E.

faked by Friday, May 7th, 2004

For Big Gray’s big master’s celebration, I was going to do him a whole page of “Catoptric Funnies” about things he liked. Ms. Comrade wrote “The Sugar Circle,” about a despondent Bob Mould, and other such stuff. But I got sick and only did these two. CONGRATS, BG!!