faked by Monday, February 16th, 2004

go see the cartoon!


9 Responses to “marvels.”

  1. jp! says:

    haw! a scene played over many times over many years. I can’t count the number of times i’ve said the lines in the 4th & 5th panel…haw haw haw! the 3rd panel is great and the dialogue is pretty on too. is that 2nd panel a scan? it looks pretty good. i was about to ask where you got it, until i saw the comic ‘killdozer’ that you told me about. i’d be embarassed to PITCH a story about killer earth moving equipment!

  2. Big Gray says:

    Your best yet, if only because we’ve had this same conversation sooo much. I hate most anything having to do with Galactus, by the way. I hate that cosmic Marvel shit…blah.

    Firestorm would whoop all of the JLA cause he can turn anything into anything. Actually, he did one time.

  3. The 5th panel’s, er, “hand movement” is too perfect.

  4. jp! says:

    i look like some crazy muppet in the last panel…or maybe homestar! haw! Yeah, this one is pretty good, not to mention that it is the epitome of a Sunday Newspaper strip. scenerio mocked, twist, mockers revieled as being the same as those mocked. qutentesential comic strip stuff.

    i love the comic fans with their gambit running tubby or skinny look. the extra long weave belt on ‘the flash’ there is also a nice touch.

  5. la federala says:

    And you said I was a nerd…


    ps Axxsome toon though:-)

  6. Madac says:

    ACK It is real life transformed into a cartoon. I have been around for those “discussions” more times than I ever want to remember. It is much funnier as a cartoon though!

  7. Jas N says:

    Best strip ever. Insanely jealous that I don’t get into those type of arguments anymore. I did have fun with Wah, debating video games of years gone by…including the obligatory story of Ring’s one handed Motal Kombat defeat of Diaz back in Starkvegas.

  8. Sally says:

    Hey, I just noticed that the skinny geek is wearing a long sleeved t-shirt in the 3rd panel and a short sleeved one in the last panel! Haw haw, changing shirts must be his superpower.

  9. Ryan in OR says:

    Hey—I like John Byrne and Alpha Flight! How could you not appreciate Shaman’s medicine pouch? If you looked into it, you lost your mind…oooh.