faked by Friday, February 27th, 2004

Happy birthday to Jaxxie!! Go see her cartoon!



This is a true story. Fragment of the converation it was birthed from:

Gorjus: So, you bike-stalked him for what, three months?

Jaxxie: Um.

G: Uh, six months?

J: Um.

G: It wasn’t more than a year. Tell me it wasn’t more than a year.

J: It wasn’t! It was just a year.

G: A whole year?

J: To the day.

Saturday night is Jaxxie’s birthday and she’s having a goth party to celebrate!! I’m making “blood punch”: coconut rum and cranberry juice. Awesome.

Next Monday cartoon: TBA

Next Wednesday cartoon: TBA

Next Friday cartoon: About me meeting John Edwards on Thursday the sixth. Yes!! He’s hitting Mississippi on a fundraising stop, and ye olde Gorjus will dutifully visually report!!

9 Responses to “fragile.”

  1. Sally says:

    Is it goth to puke? ‘Cause coconut rum’s got puking written all over it.

    Happy early birthday to Hot Jaxxie (and by extension—get it?—Isabella)!

  2. gclark says:

    happy early birthday, jackie!

  3. woodroe says:

    yeah, coconut rum sounds like it lends itself to the up-chucking. i’m so sorry i won’t be around for the unhappy birthday party and gorjus hijinks that will be taking place. (i pick the worst weekends to go out of town – there is always some awesome event that goes down in lore) i can only hope this winds up with an arrest and subsequent man love in the hinds county lock up for some lucky young man.

  4. vendela says:

    happy birthday fabulous jaxxie! sally and i are bringing our wolfgang press records. and wed. night gorjus told me he’s wearing black, lace cut out gloves to the partay. i’m gonna bust out a killing moon t-shirt. is there gonna be food at this party? do goths even eat?

  5. jaxxie says:

    Yes Vendela, we’ll have some depressingly bland food. Like white bread and saltines. Real goths can’t be bothered with Martha things like food preparation.

  6. herman rarebell says:

    happy birthday jaxx.
    bela lugosi is dead!

  7. la federala says:

    DUDE… there is also a gothic martha stewart website:-)

    Happy bday.

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