faked by Friday, February 13th, 2004

go see the cartoon!


11 Responses to “ants.”

  1. gclark says:

    this is a great strip.

  2. Sally says:

    I especially like the hands.

  3. jp! says:

    i feel sorry for the guy. plus i like stories w/ crazed prophetic folk in them.

  4. Phenomenal. Again I stand in awe of your pen/crayon. This might be the best so far.

  5. mr. t. says:

    my dad worked at a steam plant in walker county, ala, when i was in high school. he was basically an hr-type—in charge of wanky personnel issues. and there were lots. his best/worst story involved a 30-something pipe-fitter, who, after his wife left him due to his raging substance-abuse problems, experienced some form of religious-cult-like conversion. apparently, his own personal interpretation of this cult’s tenets involved a strict, literal reading of the bible. one particular passage that he took to heart says that “if thine hand offend thee, cut it off.” in a methodically planned episode of religious fervor, the guy checks out a radial saw from the tool shop, leaves early from work on a friday—saw in tow, gets home, applies a tourniquet, dials 911, and commences to sawing his own hand off. after regaining consciousness, he cleans up, waits for the ambulance, claims he had an “accident”, is treated for massive blood loss, and released on sunday. on monday, he shows up for work, minus one hand, and returns the (slightly used) saw to the tool shed. i believe/hope he currently resides in a mental institution.

    anyway, your ant-obsessive reminded me of that guy. i picture ole one-hand looking a lot like this fella.

  6. gorjus says:

    oh my GOSH. that’s INSANE. oh wow. that’s just so out there.

    we were sitting eating lunch when he told us this ant-thing. another guy i worked with—whose name was flea, and who will probably be monday’s cartoon—just squinted his eyes and said “dude, you are fucking crazy.”

  7. gclark says:

    i think i’m gonna grow my mustache like that guy in the strip.

  8. Sally says:

    Um, do you have a moustache?

  9. gclark says:

    goatee. all i have to do is shave the middle part on my chin and i’ll look like a badass!

  10. Cindy B. says:

    Please don’t. The handlebar thing is so not sexy. As I’m sure your wife would agree.

  11. jp! says:

    so what do you call that look? a goatee and a mustache together, but not touching is a van dike. (van dyke?) so what’s it called when you have like that ring of fur around your mouth?

    kissing a opossum with glue around yer lips?
    haw haw!

    Leggo my pregos!