hello from jackson!

faked by Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

dear mom,

everything’s still okay down here. we’re in the middle of our moot court competition, which is pretty cool, because i get to wear a robe and scare 2L’s. it’s a fun issue, too—can a school regulate hair length? sounds way 1972, but surprisingly viable with the new round of 2003 arguments: anti-gangs, cleanliness (no gutter punks at america high!).

yeah, i know, catoptric looks funny. this happens to gene every few months.

i think this year i’ll just wait him out—perhaps he doesn’t realize how sublime that chalkboard is, but some of us do! and i just really don’t want him to go all eye-burningly goth like one of my favorite blogs have (even if it grows on you).

the fair’s in town, but i think i missed .38 special. screw that, anyway—last year we had joan jett! the weather kicked back in today (i’m’a wear a jean jacket!).

so i’m having my normal breakfast of mountain dew and pop tarts, even though i swore off mt. dew after making it a descriptive (“parlay, that’s so mountain dew”), when i stumbled across ole miss’ new mascots (you might have to flip back to the main page to bring up the image).

oh my facking gad. “rowdy” and “bruiser”?? HA HA HA!! that’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen!! they might as well have a mountain dew one—extreme rebel! he could have a skateboard, and maybe some elbow pads . . .

okay, i thought the whole fucking point was to get rid of colonel reb—with a bullshit spin argument that he “wasn’t athletic”! so to make him “more athletic” they just make him have MUSCLES!! ah-ha-ha!

and to purge the racist element, we make a new skinhead-type with ripped-up sleeves?? dear lord.

so mom, it may suck in california, but at least it’s weird down here.



6 Responses to “hello from jackson!”

  1. Big Gray says:

    Rowdy and Bruiser….ahahahah! That’s silly. Hey, listen, you’re right about the whole tattoo/clothes issues being still very salient. Schools deal with this shit all the time. And the stats on uniforms aren’t exactly conclusive, but even though it goes against my civil libertarian leanings, I think they might be a good idea, if they’re subsidized. Don’t hate me for it. It’s just one less thing for kids to think about at school. Maybe that’s a little naive, but, oh well…

    Are you a 3L now? How time flies…

  2. Mame says:

    At the school I teach at they will send you home if you have “outrageous” hair color or any facial piercings other than ear.

    One of my students came in with an eyebrow ring which I did nothing about. The next day he came in with a bandaid over it and I asked him what happened. He told me that another teacher told him he had to wear a bandage over it. The day after that the bandaid was gone. Yet another teacher had told him that he couldn’t wear a bandaid over his eyebrow because it was A GANG SIGN! The school I teach at is 98% white rural and semi-suburban. From what I can tell, gangs are the least of our worries, unless you consider the klan a gang…

    When I go to faculty or board meetings and I see the type of people that are pushing stricter dress-codes in public schools it makes me want to go home and tatoo “fuck authority” on my forehead.

  3. Agent McClacho says:

    there’s a new type of gang out there called “hybrid.” they don’t wear colors, signs and what not so that they’re not detected. most are heading in this direction.

    my office provides a gang listserve to law enforcement, researchers, teachers, etc. Some of the questions they come up with are ridiculous. For example, I see a lot of pink in kids clothes, is that a new gang color?
    What does redrum mean?
    What is the Crip dance?
    It’s like there just finding ways to call someone a gang member.

  4. Jason Pollan says:

    I drink a special gang flavor of gatorade when i’m working out.


  5. Agent McClacho says:

    oop. i meant they’re

  6. callie says:

    hi crazy! i was looking up indie rock on the internet & found this website. how insane is that?? i didn’t know you even had a website! damn, it’s a small world….
    miss you,
    p.s. i think you lied to me about sending me a postcard cos bryant said i din get any mail from you….grrr! 🙂 and who’s your friend that posts on here too?