fortress of awexxome.

faked by Tuesday, October 21st, 2003

“i just can’t fucking stop

thinking about you”

the thermals, “no culture icons”

first things first: who do i want as state’s new coach? the fella ‘bama should have hired, sly croom.


lost in translation is a beautiful, bittersweet, lonely little film. cafe du mond sugar powder still dusting my chogers-shirted belly, i let the jesus & mary chain wash over me, thinking of scarlett johansen’s little-girl calves as they stretched up to let bill murray hold her.

third: don’t buy, read, or waste your damn time on jonathon lethem’s fortress of solitude. i was jittery with excitement when i bought it—a story about the 70’s, comic books, rock and roll!!

ugh. it’s a pathetic mish-mash of race-speculation, time-hopping, and namedropping. i truly regret the thirty bucks i spent and the two days blown reading it—i should have quit, but i figured once the kid got a magic ring it would get better. that was pretty stupid of me.

make no mistake—even comparision to kavalier and clay is shallow and inappropriate. coming of age? sure. comic books? on occasion. magic? nada. thunderingly dull prose? check! cardboard-cutout-characters! oh, mais oui! ridiculuous racial stereotypes and confrontations? to no end!

just stay away.

fourth: i sent out an e-mail today to woody, steve, and gordon—the hot-to-trot core of the john black attack. here was the e-mail:

subject line: halloween

so you guys are playing at martin’s??? [due to a listing i had seen on pollstar]

i received three different e-mails back (punctuation and spelling preserved)

from woody:


from steve:

actually, that’s a pollstar f*ck up…..but we are playing halloween at roxie’s

in sville with cash co.

you ought to come up…

from gordon:

No, that’s a mistake on Pollstar—it was supposed to be the listing for

May 31 but ended up being October 31 instead. We’re playing at Roxie’s

with Cash County on Halloween.

i’m very interested in the transmission of information contained in these e-mails. woody conveys the ultimate answer, but without elaboration—not even wasting space for a period.

steve’s is very personal, complete with characteristic multi-ellipsis (“.....”), self-censoring (“f*ck”), and abbreviations (“sville”).

interestingly, gordon’s e-mail paralells steve almost to the word—and certainly contains the same information content. i’m very interested in how similar they are.

but then, i’m a dork. favorite moment of the weekend: standing in complete starlit darkness, in a ring with my best friends, passing around a jar of moonshine, listening to the fish story from the right rev’rend jensen.


3 Responses to “fortress of awexxome.”

  1. Agent McClacho says:

    L.I.T. was so wonderful. the music was perfectly placed too. I couldn’t stop singing Roxy Music stuff afterwards.

  2. Big Gray says:

    That scene where he sings “More Than This” is really where the movie turns from funny to wistful for me. Bill Murray makes his bad singing vulnerable, not humorous, and it’s clear he’s singing to Scarlett J., offering her support. It just broke my heart, but made me feel good at the same time. Some people were laughing in the theater, but I thought it was pretty powerful.

  3. woodroe says:

    you suck

    HAW! I’m sorry I missed the Smith pow-wow, but I did get to see Mr. Wilson in Biloxi. He looks just the same as he did 10 years ago – with shorter hair and no septic toe.

    I’ve been paying for my week off with an overabundance of catch up work.

    Shameless plug: Starktown survivors should come see JBA on the 31st. The hell with pollstar.

    I’m dressing as Joe Walsh circa 1977…