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one year and five months ago i felt this way.

faked by Thursday, August 28th, 2003

the below post, from march of 2002, makes me a little sad. reason one: musiquarium is gone. to my strange delight, though, i’ve heard several people call it “the ol’ mq” lately—as in, “the old house on the hill”—and i liked it.

reason two: steve and bubba are gone now, steve up nawth to lecture at state, and bubba way up nawth to study law in new yawk city.

but i still have the songs and they still make me smile.

i’m sleeping on the floor.

faked by Thursday, August 28th, 2003

i’ve re-thought my catoptric “ban” after a friend wrote me:

>can’t you just, you know, not write seven-page posts? then wouldn’t you have


smart-aleck. so i shall do just that, plus post old thangs i got kickin’ around: like when last year most of the lads loaded up & headed to cali for the nuptials of roy III & amy.

worse than a lamestain.

faked by Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

Dear Times Editor,

I was delighted to see an article on August 27, 2003 concerning my favorite artist, Jack Kirby. I was not so delighted to see accompanying art that was neither drawn by Mr. Kirby nor featuring characters he created.

one more for the road.

faked by Monday, August 25th, 2003

I’m tired. It’s just a shade past five o’clock, and I want to go to bed. No dice, though, because I have some stuff to tell you guys, and a bit of explaining.

fox news suit “without merit, factually and legally.”

faked by Friday, August 22nd, 2003

says the judge!! whoo-hoo, al franken!

electron heroes.

faked by Thursday, August 21st, 2003

perhaps the first memory of my nearly thirty years was laying on the hood of my grandfather’s car at the old drive-in, now long gone, at the alabama state fairgrounds.

my baby sister was next to me, both of us sprawled out on a blanket. star wars was on the screen.

going dutch means you’re ugly.

faked by Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

and that ann coulter is a liberal! whoo-hoo! way to go, john!

“de minimis.”

faked by Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

the riaa now says it won’t prosecute users with just a few “stolen” songs—after massive public vitriol probably stunned them.

the cold steel warrior.

faked by Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

people from alabama are fiercely proud of their famous sons and daughters. the sidewalk in front of the alabama theatre is covered with stars of the semi-famous and almost famous—but we love them all, because they’re ours. i bet all of alabama watched the last american idol—not because it was any good, but because of the big “205” on ruben studdard’s belly.

so growing up, why had i never heard of justice hugo black, the most powerful man ever to stride out of our coal-soaked soil?

the innocence of guilt.

faked by Monday, August 18th, 2003

ah, the trial by media—and by bush-appointed axehandlers. for reasons of conflict of interest, i can’t directly comment, but our state supreme court has a good man—oliver diaz—who has been targeted by the bush administration. and who’s been hit bad.

it’s not so good right now for our trial lawyers, and the diaz blow-up doesn’t help. i’ll dig myself out of some conflicts and write later. jp! does a good job of defense while i’m out (er, maybe i ghostwrote that a bit).